Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Taco Mayo has a commercial that makes me laugh. TM is a fast-food chain similar to Taco Bell. The commercial displays three of their new, Mexican food products. What is funny is that the voiceover is done with an Irish accent. Why Irish? It reminded me of a joke that Toby told several years ago when my kids were still teen-agers and we lived in NM. I was also reminded of this joke when Laurie mentioned "talk like a pirate day" in one of her comments.

Here is Toby’s story:
Toby came home from work and said he had a joke for us. He then proceeded to tell the joke about Sven, a Swedish Olympian, using a Swedish accent. As Jesse, Bo, and I listened to his joke, we got tickled before he got to the punch line because Toby was telling it with a Spanish accent. I interrupted to ask, "Was this by any chance a Mexican/Swede?" The kids and I were laughing hard by this time. Toby gave us the exasperated look and tried the accented joke again. This time, Bo interrupted and asked, "So, it was a pirate/Swede?" At this point Toby said, "Look, I only know two accents – Spanish and Pirate. Which do you want?" We were rolling on the floor laughing, and he had not even gotten to the punch line. The joke, itself, is cute, but not nearly as funny as Toby telling it in his Pirate or Spanish accents.

Here is the joke:
Sven, an Olympian swimmer, was working out in the weight room. Another Olympian trainer came in to work out, and struck up a conversation. "So are you a pole vaulter?" asked the Olympian. Sven answered, "No, I am not a Pole, and my name is not Vaulter."

Maybe the person doing the voiceover for Taco Mayo did not have a good Spanish accent; so he did his Irish accent. I think the commercial would have worked better with Pirate talk.


inpassing said...

I was talking on the phone (rather listening) while I was reading your blog today. While reading about Toby's accents and that whole story, I burst out laughing at totally the wrong place for the phone conversation leaving that person really confused. As a matter of fact, I'm still laughing about it.

Dale Rowland said...

Hmmmm...when I tried to do the joke it almost sounded middle-eastern. For accents I have to defer to my actor son.

Laurie said...

LOL! I can't do any accents except my own. I even have a hard time with real New York. I don't say coffee like cuawfee, and I don't say fuggedaboudit, and I don't say youze guyz.

Becky said...

Did you ever see the movie The Bridges of Madison County, with Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep? Her allegedly Italian accent sounded just like the allegedly Danish accent she used in Out Of Africa. What it didn't sound was anything like an Italian accent. I was living in Italy at the time, so I was pretty familiar with that accent, though I could never quite accomplish it myself.

Anonymous said...

I used to do a passable Bullwinkle...and my granddaughters loved it. But, they were about two and four at the time. They loved everything.


Bag Blog said...

Becky, I read the book, but did not see the movie. I bet Meryl could tell my joke pretty well.

Buck, Too bad we cannot hear your Bullwinkle - that would be something that would make me smile.

Anonymous said...

You didn't miss much. The book was decidedly better than the movie!