Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Blast from the Past

Some of you may have seen the comment from Alice and Tyrone Borelli yesterday. Wow! You could have knocked me over with a feather. Alice and Tyrone were good friends of ours in the married housing back in San Marcos (SWTSU). I mentioned them in a post back in May. They lived in the same cellblock with us, and we spent lots of time with them. We have not seen Alice and Ty since December of 1979 when Toby graduated, and we moved off to Dallas. As I said before, Alice was Texas born, but raised in South Africa. She went to school in Holland where she met Tyrone. Tyrone was American born and raised, but from German/Italian parents. They lived and worked in Germany at a military base where they had military passes and privileges without being in the military. They traveled all over Europe back in the 70’s before moving to Texas and attending SWTSU. Tyrone was working on his Masters. They were always lots of fun and very informative. They taught us what to look for in choosing good wine. Tyrone taught Toby how to make wonderful Italian food. Tyrone told very interesting stories about being in protests back in the day. We drank a few beers together. When Bo was born, Alice was very helpful. They were just good friends. I have always wondered what happened with Alice and Tyrone. Maybe I will find out soon!

Jesse has a chili cookoff today at work. She had me make her a batch of my award winning chili. Her coworkers chose her and her friend Heather to make the chili and sell it at lunch today. The chili that makes the most money (for charity) will win. Jesse and Heather are just pretty cute. Their theme for the cookoff is "Bahama Mamas". They are wearing Hawaiian shirts. I think they will do well with their chili.

Here is another picture from camp. More volleyball with Jesse and Lindsay – they look very serious, but they were anything but serious in the VB games. They do like to win while they are having fun.


Anonymous said...

They were just good friends. I have always wondered what happened with Alice and Tyrone.

Reconnecting with old friends is one of life's greatest pleasures, especially considering the fact the reconnection can occur at any time, in any place. And blogging helps! I've reconnected with at least three folks who stumbled upon the blog.

Ain't technology GREAT!?!

Anonymous said...

Well hello......I'm still cooking Italian but much,much better. We both still drink beer like water (we believed then and still believe now water is for bathing only). I'm about to retire from teaching high school science and Alice has 5 more years left before retiring as a high school math teacher. We moved back to California right after graduate school where we bought a house in Laguna Beach. I have a secondary email address where, if interested, you can send a message: alty53@cox.net.........Take care Toby and Lou........Tyrone and Alice

Anonymous said...

I know this may not exist. but i'm trying to find an old teacher of mine, and his name was Tyrone Borelli, my physics teacher at Santa Ana Valley. I was class of 98. My name is Sam Sanchez. I was hoping to see what he was up to these days because to this day, he was one of the most inspirational teachers I've had. if this message finds them, please feel free to contact me at 'nleco AT yahoo DOT com'. thank you very much!