Monday, October 30, 2006


Many of the campers had arrived on Thursday and set up their tents. By Friday afternoon, it was getting difficult to find just the right spot to place our tent. There were so many dome-like tents, it looked like some Star Wars village. Toby wanted to be far away from the lodge, center of the camp. I kind of like being closer to the bathrooms, but I did not argue. When it came to finding the actual spot to place the tent, I was a little more vocal. I wanted to find just the right spot – flat, without too many lumps and bumps. Toby mumbled something about looking for Christmas trees, which was his subtle way of saying there were no perfect spots for placing the tent. We used to have some "serious discussions" while Christmas tree hunting. I was always seeing another tree that was more perfect than the one we were looking at. Then I would rush to it only to find that it was not perfect either. Toby and I never agreed on which tree to get – tall and thin or short and fat or some where in between. Keep in mind we were not looking in a Christmas tree lot, but were on the side of a mountain. So, I let him pick the tent site although I thought it sloped a little too much, but I figured we could sleep with our feet going down hill. I was wrong again, Toby thought we should sleep across the slope. I argued that I would probably roll down on top of him all night. He said that was the point. Okay, I let him win again.

We got the tent set up without too many more "discussions". It actually went up pretty easily once I laid out all of the different sizes of poles. It is a nice tent – heavy as the dickens, but a good tent. Jesse came over to get the air-mattress-blower-upper. She stood in our tent and said, "Wow, this really brings back old memories." We have had that tent since she was about eight years old, "Some really good memories," she said. After placing all of our stuff in the tent and making our bed, we went off to play some serious volleyball before the big fish fry.


Anonymous said...

From your pics it looks like perfect weather for a camping weekend!

And, just sayin', I can SO relate to your Christmas tree story! Been there, done that...lotsa times!

Becky said...

I loved the Christmas tree story. We had an artificial tree starting when I was about 4 or 5, so we didn't have that argument. I can barely remember going out with my dad to my great-aunt Annie's land and cutting down a real tree.

Anonymous said...

Tyrone and Alice Borelli has seen your blog (thanks to my web surfing brother). How do we get beyond this blog site? By the way, we still drink more beer than water!

Bag Blog said...

My Gosh! Alice and Tyrone! It has been a few years. You can't began to know how often I've thought about you - well every time we eat Italian food, choose a wine, or think about San Marcos. Here is my email -