Sunday, October 29, 2006

Camp Pictures

Camp was great. The wind died down Friday afternoon just in time for us to set our tent up. Jesse and her tent-mates already had their tent set up. Each year they make a sign for their tent - some new theme. I have other pictures to share of tents, people, and fun. I will post pictures each day this week for your viewing pleasure. We also have camp T-shirts. The C Y stands for Camp Y'shua. Jesse is wearing a "Carpe Manana" shirt.


Anonymous said...

Great pics, Lou. I'm glad the wind died down for all y'all. It wouldn't have done to go camping and wind up at the Motel Six, no? :-)

Dale Rowland said...

No greater time then to be surrounded by your friends and family at the RITZ! SUMORES FOR EVERYONE!! It looks like you guys had a perfect weekend for camping!

Becky said...

It looks like they had a great time. I, too, am glad the wind died down. The last time our church had a campout, it poured rain the whole time. That was when I discovered my tent leaked! I ended up in my cousin's camper for the night. Cody was in Kindergarten and asked me if he'd had his ammonia shot.