Thursday, October 05, 2006

Busy Time

It has been a busy week, and it is about to get busier. In the last few days, I have matted and framed about 13 pieces of artwork for my students. I have put hangers on the back of twice that many frames. The rules for the art show say that a painting must be framed and ready to hang. That "ready to hang" is what throws people. At the art show, paintings must hang from what looks like a chain-link fence – "ready to hang" takes on a whole new meaning. I have had an extra table set up in my kitchen all week with my Logan mat cutter laid out and all sorts of tools everywhere. I have paintings all over the living room making it difficult to sit anywhere. At one point, the bed was covered in mat boards so that I could lay out the paintings and see how the mats looked with each painting. My house looks a bit like a studio rather than a home right now. Maybe I need a bigger home (hint, hint). Yesterday, when I realized that all of the paintings were framed, had hangers, and met all of the requirements, I did a calf roper salute throwing my hands in the air to signal that I was done. Yeha!

Today, I will load all of the paintings into my car and haul them to the art show where I will help set up the chain-link fence for showing the art. Then I will stay until 8:00 tonight to take in other art from the various artists. Technically, I am "in charge" of the youth gallery at the show. That means that since I like kids and the other art guild members are too anal to deal well with children, I am the one for the job. I do enjoy it, although the week leading up to the show is rather stressful.

Tomorrow night is the big reception with wine and cheese and "meet the artist" time. When the kids come into the show and see their work hanging in a real gallery with real artists, they just light up. I make their artwork look every bit as professional as the adult artist’s work. Ribbons will be placed on the paintings for prizes having been judged by the same judge who judges the adult show. The kids love seeing who won. This is a big to-do for them. And that is the reason I do this. I will take pictures to post and share the joy of children with you.

I have been drug free (allergy medication) for two days now - another yeha! A doctor friend looked at my eyes last night, which still look pretty sad - red and swollen. He made some suggestions to help the situation. I am just glad my nose is better. My voice still sounds rather nasal. Oh wait! That is my Texas accent.


Dale Rowland said...

You get it from your mom! I'll bet the kids faces aren't the only ones lighting up. You probably have the same beautiful smile that your mom would have when she would watch us play.

Bag Blog said...

Actually,Dale,I've always thought it came from my dad. He is the one who loved kids - loved teaching. And, I look just like my dad. Mom liked young people, but she only loved certain kids - you just happen to be one of them.