Friday, October 06, 2006

Painting of the Week

Because I have been preparing for the art show, I have not painted this week, but I did a pencil sketch with my youngest art class. The class has five boys this year, and I have been trying to find subjects that would appeal to more to them. They loved drawing this soldier which I found on the internet.

Last night I worked at the art show until 8:00 pm. Today the artwork will be judged and tonight is the reception. I think it will be a good show. With all of the work done, I can concentrate on my house and laundry today. I may have time to paint today, but I still wanted to get one piece of art work done and on my blog - even if it just a sketch.

1 comment:

Laurie said...

Excellent :) Hope you are able to relax at the reception and enjoy your work.