Monday, October 09, 2006

More on Art

The art show was very nice this year. Harvard, the head hancho, was well behaved and did not freak out when kids came to the show. Of course, I had warned my students to get their punch and step away from the punch bowl so Harv would not have a heart attack. This year, Harv even printed out name tags for my student artists - at my request. It made the kids feel important. Harv told me that he saw one of the youth artists and shook hands with him congratulating the young artist on his fine work. It really was a nice show.

Here are pictures of the B. family. Michael, the next to the youngest, won the grand prize for the elementary artists. He drew the rooster. All who know Michael, know that this was not one of his best drawings. At seven years old he normally draws Darth Vader or Spiderman, and he does an outstanding job. He is too young to be one of my students, but someday...The other picture is of his older sister, Amy, who is one of my students. Amy painted the two paintings within the picture and won a ribbon on each. Amy is third to the oldest in the B family. Did I mention that there are eight kids in the B family - and all are very talented. They are an amazing family. Just look at the smiles on those faces!

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inpassing said...

I don't know the proper terminology to be an art critic nor do I know all the different mediums or even what to look for that makes a painting good. For that matter, I don't know anything about art except to attempt to draw a "stick person". So for what it's worth, I thought Amy's picture was exceptional. I was struck by her use of the light and dark of the colors (creating the depth and shape of the object). I also thought her detail was very nice from the printed rug to the mitt on the bench. Well, anyway Amy's picture was one of my favorites in the youth category.