Thursday, October 19, 2006


Yesterday I was a bit melancholy. I can’t really explain why, but it was probably several things. I didn’t let the feelings overly affect me other than I chose not to post yesterday. Toby left for Houston yesterday morning for a meeting and will be back tonight. Maybe knowing that he was not going to be home for dinner put me into an "I can do what I want today" mode. I chose to be lazy. After a private art lesson with a new student, I spent the day, which was overcast and cold, curled up with a cheap novel. I finished the book before Jesse got home and did do some house cleaning – it was necessary. Jesse called and said she was tired and just wanted to stay home and have a "girl’s night". That was good for me. We watched a movie and ate pasta. Jes had a wine cooler while I had chocolate coffee. You know how I like spending time with my girl, and it was good time.

Before I went to bed last night, I checked my email and favorite blogsites for anything new. You know how I love Michael Fay’s paintings and I like his written words too. I constantly go to his site hoping to see more of his work. This time, there was a comment by another artist on his site. So, I went to the artist’s blogsite. What a treasure I found! This part I may not be able to explain either, but I will try. This VH McKenzie had watercolors that just made me want to squeal with delight. Her colors, style, characters, and comments just made me smile – made me want to touch them – made me want to paint. I recently had a discussion about what is "good art". There are lots of paintings that I like, but that doesn’t mean I would want that art hanging on my wall. Most people who buy art do so for different reasons. Maybe they really like the art. Sometimes they only like the name of the artist. Most of the time, people around here buy art because it will fit the color scheme in their home or the painting is just the right size for that blank spot on the wall in the bathroom. For me, I can’t afford lots of original artwork. I have a few things from good friends – other artist buddies. I have bought some numbered and signed prints in the past. For me to buy art, the art has to move me. It has to evoke some inner feeling.

I do lots of artwork. My art girls do lots of work. Sometimes, I stand back and say, "hmm, that’s nice". Sometimes, I stand back and say, "Yes! Then I do the victory dance. I have seen this same response in my students when they knock out a painting, and it is "right on". It is a great feeling.

This morning I went back to VH McKenzie’s site. I was wanting my computer to move faster so that I could see all of her work. Not all of it would come up on my screen – aauggh! Then I went to her links – wow! They were all artists. Then I clicked on the "painting a day" box – another wow! I was just thrilled to find these other art blogs. Inspiration comes in odd ways. I needed that inspiration like the Oklahoma land needed that rain we got last week, which filled our pond and made it beautiful again.


VH McKenzie said...

You could not have paid me a nicer compliment -- thank you so VERY much for your kindness.

Please come back and look again - I hope you can see the paintings from the beginning. I'm afraid if you have dial-up they might take long to load. So sorry!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lou... I answered your question over at my place.

Inspiration comes in strange and unexpected forms sometimes, eh?