Tuesday, October 17, 2006


If you read yesterday's post, you know that Toby likes to try to push my buttons, yank my string, and that sort of thing. Sometimes he and Jesse gang up on me to get a rise from me. My goal in life is to stay peaceful, but sometimes they get me. If Bo is around, I am done for.

We were all watching the St. Louis Cards and the Mets the other night. Toby and I have been rooting for the Cards. Jesse is rooting for the Mets because the Mets have better looking guys. It really does not matter who wins this part of the playoffs. When it comes down to it, I will root for Detroit in the World Series. So there we were lounging around the TV watching the Mets kick the Cards. The Cards were going through a string of pitchers, and we were making comments on each one. Here's the conversation:

Jesse: Who does that guy remind you of?
Me: A bullfrog.
Jesse: No, he looks like someone I know.
Me: Maybe he was a child moviestar.
Jesse: No, it is someone we know.
Me: A bullfrog.
Toby: Maybe he is a Mongoloid.
Me: You can't say that anymore. No one says that.
Toby: What are you suppose to say?
Me: Downs Syndrome.
Toby: You can't say Mongoloid?
Me: No!
Jesse: Hey, isn't that a country?
Me: That is Mongolia.
Jesse: Don't they call them Mongoloids?
Me: No, they are called Mongols or Mongolians, but not Mongoloids.
Toby (to Jesse): Yeah, mo-ron!
Jesse: Hey, isn't that a country too?
At this point, my eyes are rolled back in my head while Toby and Jes snicker. They got me.

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