Monday, November 13, 2006

Complaint Dept.

My computer has been so slow lately. I may need to make an appointment with my computer doctor, but mostly I think it is the connection. It has also been bumping me off the internet more often. When I finally get a good connection (at least 24.6 kbps) I can stay on for a while, but it is still really slow. To load a picture onto my blog takes forever. Usually, I go take a shower and get dressed before it loads (if it does not bump me off). The photo that I posted from my Marine cousin, came via email. It took a while for it to come up on my email, but not too bad. Then my uncle sent the picture again and it took forever - tying up the computer for over 30 minutes. I don't mind waiting on great personal pictures or something, but when someone sends some silly, mushy, been-around-forever email, I get plum loco. Sometimes I want to comment on someone's blog, but by the time I get where I am going, it is time to get off and do other things. I am really feeling the frustration of my dial-up.

I have looked in to clearwire and dish type networks. They are really expensive. The set up fee is usually $200.00 or more. Then they want $39 to $49 dollars a month. If I lived in town, I could get DSL cheap. Ahh, the things we do to live in the country! Maybe I need a studio in town, maybe a new computer, or maybe more patience.

The real problem is age. I hate to say that I have senior moments. I prefer to say that I have blonde moments, but it is really the same. Because my computer is slow, I often do other things while waiting on it. Then I forget that I was on line and go off doing the ironing or reading a book. Does my computer bump me off then? No; it stays on all afternoon. Okay, enough whining.

I may go to Wichita Falls today. I have some errands to do in the big city. With Thanksgiving comeing up, I need to take the turkey to Mom's and put it in her freezer. We need to do some planning. We will be having a big crowd - lots of family at Mom's. If anyone else wants to join us, come on. It will be a party. Friday night there is a dance at the Elk's lodge with the Jay Hooker band - another party. All are invited.


Anonymous said...

When I finally get a good connection (at least 24.6 kbps) I can stay on for a while, but it is still really slow.

I feel your pain, Lou. I pay $37 and change for a connection that's supposed to be 384 Kbps but is often 10% of that. Frustrating, to say the least. DSL isn't an option here in P-Town, or at least not out where I live...i.e., on the outskirts. Salvation, in the form of fiber-to-the-prem, is just around the corner, supposedly by the first of the year. The local telco is advertising two gigabit speeds, but unless I upgrade my computer's network interface card, the best I'll get is 100 MBps. And that's plenty fast enough. Boy Howdy...I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I can sympathize as well. For a long time DSL wasn't available here, either. I'm so glad we finally got it. I don't know what speed it is, but I know it's faster than what I had.