Saturday, November 11, 2006

Veteran's Day

To all you veterans out there - Buck, Dale, Becky, and anyother vets who might read this blog, have a blessed day. You are appreciated. This is a picture of my cousin Jim, now in Ramadi, with his college buddy Guy. If you think they are just giving you a thumbs up, think again. They are both Aggies - Gig 'em!

Last night we went to my nephew's football game in Wichita Falls. They had a young military man on the sidelines who had just arrived home from Iraq and came to watch his old high school play football. I wondered how he felt standing there. It must seem like a totally different world from the one in Iraq.

My Grand baby also went to the game with us - her first live football game. She watches and plays football with her daddy at home, but this was something new. She was awe struck by the crowd and the noise - at first. Then she caught on pretty quickly that she could jump up and down and be wild. We sat down on the first row. She was hanging over the railing, standing on her seat, climbing in the crowd and absorbing every new sensation. It was more fun watching her than the game. Someone had to do it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Lou.

Sounds like you had quite the time last evening... I think your Grand Baby is at a child's best age (arguably). Everything is new, and they learn something new every day or every hour...or so it seems. And they're just so darned cute at that age!

Bec said...

I have no idea when I might get a grand baby, (sigh). I envy you, Lou. Babies are better than television.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lou, You know I'd do it all over again, if given the chance.

The soldier on the sideline was probably in deep, reflective thought, of how fast he went from a high school football star to a seasoned war veteran in such a short period of time.

Shelley and I took our grandson to his first live football game this year. He loved it! He even loved it more when PaPaw brough out the popcorn! I know you must of had a blast.