Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Joe's Article

Recently, I posted a link to an article by Joe Galloway on Michael Yon’s online magazine. I have a lot of respect for Joe and his writing. I have met the man personally. He is a good friend of my uncle’s. Yet, this article was critical of Bush and Rumsfeld and the War in Iraq. I did not agree with all that Joe said, but I put the article out there for others to read and give me their thoughts. I think I was rather astounded by the article and Joe’s views. Sometimes I think, "Did I read that right? Did he really say…" Since I don’t really have a political blog, I did not get a lot of response. Buck responded very politely – maybe as confused as I was because we both like Joe’s other writings. It was one of those "What’s up with Joe?" moments.

Yesterday, I read another of Joe’s articles on Michael Yon’s site. The gloves were definitely off and Joe was swinging at Bush and Rumsfeld. This time, I wrote to my Uncle to ask, "Is that our Joe?" Here is what my uncle replied:

Yep...that is Joe's article. He has been writing lots of articles critical of the Bush Administration and especially SecDef Rumsfeld.
I don't, discuss by e-mail or verbally, the politics/military policies with Joe. I choose to value his friendship more than deep discussions of those subjects. He has lots of connections who dislike Bush and Rumsfeld and would do anything to undermine what ever is taking place. Joe is, in my opinion, a Democrat.

My uncle loves Joe like a brother. I know he would never want to offend Joe. My uncle was much the same with my father who was definitely a Democrat. There are just some things you don’t discuss with those you love if you want to keep the peace. It is an odd feeling when someone you like and respect takes such a totally different view of the world than you do. My own brother is as different from me as night and day, yet I love him dearly. I guess that is what makes this a great country. We can all have different views and still love each other. Yet, I still feel disappointed in Joe.

Actually, I don't have a strong opinion on Rumsfeld or Bush's war policies, although I do think they were doing the best they thought was possible for our military and our country. Mistakes have been made. Hopefully we learn and move forward. I certainly do not have the answers for any of the problems. I think history will prove out the policies of our leaders. So why am I disappointed in Joe? Maybe I want him to be more supportive of our President. Maybe I don't want him to be such a Democrat. Maybe I think most Democrats have a 'cut and run' attitude. That may not be Joe's attitude, but he sure seems to be in bed with some odd ideas. Maybe his views on the War in Iraq will turn out to be positive helps instead of negative rants. Time will tell.

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Buck Pennington said...

Mistakes have been made. Hopefully we learn and move forward.

My thoughts, exactly. War is a dirty, nasty, ugly business. And there's not been a single war that has ever gone according to plan. It's very, very easy for critics to exercise hindsight and point out "incompetence" run amok in Iraq. It's much more difficult to propose alternatives that don't result in defeat, so difficult, in fact, that I don't recall seeing any viable alternatives from the Left side of the aisle.

{sigh} I keep telling myself we live in "interesting times."