Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Painting of the Week

This cowboy was sitting on the back of a flatbed truck leaning on his saddle watching a rodeo probably waiting his turn to ride. I loved the light and the colors.

Tomorrow I will be headed to WF. I wanted to help Mom with the preparations for Thanksgiving. There will be about 30 people coming to her house for T-Day. My siblings will also be coming in tomorrow. The party starts early. This is wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving.


Becky said...

Ohhh, I think I'm in love. Great painting.

If I don't hear from you later, have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Dale said...

Lou Lou,
Great painting!!

Be sure to tell your family and especially your mom I said hi!! May you guys have a Wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving Day!!

Love ya!!

Laurie said...

Have a great time with the family! I'm sure you will have some interesting stories to tell us when you get back. Looking forward to it.

Buck Pennington said...

I'll second Laurie's comment about "great stories." Have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving, Lou.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks guys(ya'll). I'm sure my family will supply me with some stories. Never a dull moment! I'm thinking about putting a "I support the troops" sticker on my hippie, liberal, lawyer brother's car. What do you think? Maybe a "honk if you love Jesus" sticker?

Happy T-Day!

Laurie said...

I vote for a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker ;) Naw, we wouldn't want to induce any heart attacks.