Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Cats and Dogs

Mom always said, "If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all." What if you don’t have anything interesting to say? Is it the same or should you keep writing and maybe something will come to you? I think it is the latter. Keep plugging along, and maybe something will inspire you. You never know when a good painting will happen. Something is better than nothing. Writing should be the same way. One must stay in practice. Use it or lose it. Right? See, a whole paragraph pretty much about nothing!

I thought I would let you see the softer side of me today. My dad once said that if there is such a thing as reincarnation, he wanted to come back as one of my pets. With this last snow-thunder storm and cold weather, I let our "outside dog", Rita, inside the house. She is a cow-dog (Border Collie/Australian Shepherd). I had to drag her in because she never comes in the house. Last year at this time, Rita had puppies, and we had her a doghouse and warming pad, but she does not like the doghouse anymore (could be that there was a snake living under it last summer, which I found when I moved it). She has been a very good dog in our house. When she comes in, she just goes to her blanket on the floor. That was a week ago. We have continued to let her in this week with temperatures so cold at night. This morning Rita was on the couch. I’d say she had adjusted to being an "inside dog" fairly quickly.

I also have a rat terrier, Ranger, who stays in the house all of the time. He is the spoiled baby. Every morning after Toby and I get out of bed, Ranger snuggles back down in the covers. He would be under the covers if we would let him. Toby got me a rat terrier because I wanted a pink poodle. He said that poodles were not farm dogs. I insisted that a poodle was still a dog and would be fine on the farm. I wanted a pink poodle that I could name Ruby Tuesday. Toby got me a rat instead. I have been in love every since (but I still think pink poodle would be okay on a farm).

Then there is the cat, Felina (Wicked Felina). She is a Manx (tailless) who comes in every morning, eats a little dog food, and curls up for the day on Jesse’s bed. She is pretty much Jesse’s cat, and she is very cool like a cat should be.

Two dogs and a cat are really not very many animals for me. My brother has more pets than I do, and I must keep up with the Barkers. We actually have some other cats, but they do not come very close (barn cats), and we have three horses. I could have a zoo and be happy. "Lou’s Zoo" has a nice ring to it don’t you think?

I have been trying to post some pictures, but so far it is not happening. I will try again, but it may not happen today.


Buck Pennington said...

We share a love for our pets, Lou. But I'm a dog person and have no use for cats. That said, I've been "dogless" for nine years now. The current living situation just doesn't lend itself to having pets.

That said, your post brings back memories. TSMP and I always had dogs, and they were all inside dogs. Interestingly enough, we had a Lab/Border collie cross, a terrier cross (ugliest dog you've ever seen; we named her Fifi La Bonne to compensate), and a small German Shepard...all female. And they all slept with us, too. It's a good thing we had a big bed...

Becky said...

Good post. We only have one dog and one cat right now, but there have been times when we had more. When Katie was younger, I would never allow her on the furniture. Now that she's getting older--she's 11--I'm getting a little more lenient with her. I keep saying I need to get a puppy, so I can get it all trained up and stuff before Katie is too old...but I just can't bring myself to do it right now.