Thursday, December 07, 2006

Better Picture

Yesterday I planned on posting pictures of my pets, but I had such trouble uploading the pictures that I finally gave up. I am going to try again today with a better picture. This is Jesse in a snowball fight at work last week in the big snow storm. Hmm, I wonder if they ever really work at Halliburton. I wonder who started this snowball fight. She said that she and some coworkers built a snowman during Wednesday's snow. On Thursday while waiting for Toby to pick her up, Jesse said she threw a snowball at a man walking out of the building. She said he was looking nerding with his briefcase in hand. Apparently, he put his briefcase down, made a snowball, and threw it back at Jesse. She has this sort of contagious joy for life. I think whoever took this picture caught that joy pretty well.

1 comment:

Dale said...

Yep, joy for life! She has a wonderful smile and I know where she got it!

It's a beautiful shot, thanks for sharing Lou!