Friday, December 08, 2006

Painting of the Week

Around Christmas each year I have my art students paint Christmas cards. I ususally paint several in order to show them how the cards will look. This gives the kids a chance to try watercolor and several wc techniques which they love. They also love making the actual card and having something special to send to grandma. The cards look very professional. These are three cards that I painted. We also listen to Christmas music while we paint. Yesterday, Sarah Ann painted a snowman with a cardinal on the snowman's hat. She sang along with the Christmas music, and was thrilled when I gave her a gift of an Anne Murray Christmas CD. She may be my oldest, longest running student, but her child-like joy at such simple things makes all of the art girls happy. She just sets an up-beat tone for the rest of us. Those that were not painting Christmas cards wished they had after watching Sarah Ann. Yes, Lindsay, she is my favorite student - only because you don't come nearly enough now that you are a working girl. You know I love all of my students - each have their special way.
Toby's office had their Christmas party at the Chuckwagon yesterday. I got invited because I donated a painting to put in the office kitchen. Jesse went with Lindsay to the Kelpro partly last night. Tonight, Lindsay will go with Jesse to the Halliburton Christmas party. Saturday night, Lindsay is having her own party. Sunday, they both go to the Dallas/Saints game. Party, party, party!


Buck Pennington said...

Party, party, party!

Tis the season! And perhaps the one thing I miss about "gainful employment." Office Christmas parties were always interesting, if nothing else!

Becky said...

The cards are beautiful! And Jesse is so lucky to be able to go to a football game. I'll be thinking about her while I watch it on TV.