Monday, December 11, 2006

Just Stuff

It was a bit of a wild weekend. Toby took a half-day off on Friday so that he could get some work done on the storehouse. It was so cold that I did not go out and help him, as I normally like to do. He just had a few little things he wanted to do on framing up the wall. It would have required a lot of standing around time for me, and it was just too cold (yeah right). That evening we had a date night. We drove to Lawton to eat at Outback since we had a gift card that needed to be used. Outback was not too busy when we got there, but was packed to the rafters before we left – lots of people waiting to be seated, but it was too cold to wait outside. From Outback we went to Starbucks (I though of you, Buck). Toby and I felt very cool and chic drinking my coffee latte with a touch of hazelnut and his double espresso. I told Toby that I wished I had a "desktop" to bring to Starbucks like all of the other computer geeks. I immediately realized that I meant to say "laptop". Toby and I got pretty tickled at the idea of me carrying in my desktop. After Starbucks we headed to Hastings to look through the books and music. I bought a novel and we headed home.

Jean Kirkpatrick died on Friday. Did anyone notice that she was born in Duncan, OK. I thought that was pretty interesting. Famous people do come from Duncan. Hoyt Axton is also from Duncan, and I think he is one of the best songwriters ever.

Saturday, I babysat the Grand Baby while Bo worked with Toby. They unloaded the sheet metal for the barn, which was a big job. They also got part of the wall put up on the storehouse. The storehouse is on the north side of our carport. Already, the wall is helping to block the cold north wind while entering the house. The Grand Baby and I had a grand time. When you come to Boo Boo’s house, you learn to paint. I got out a child’s watercolor kit and let Lizzie have at the paints. She did very well; although, she did paint the dog’s nose (with my permission) and her own nose (without my permission). Jesse took a video of her looking over at me to see if I was watching her. I was not watching, so she painted her fingernails. We also baked cookies and played outside with all of the animals. I was worn out that evening.

Sunday was typical. The Grand Baby is not well behaved in church and it becomes a wrestling match. After church we went to eat with the Bo and Sara and wild thing – more wrestling. Then, we went to the other grand parent’s house with the Grand Baby – more wrestling. I was more than ready to kick back and rest by the end of the day.

Jesse went to all of her parties and to the Dallas game. She seemed to have fun everywhere she went, but I do not have the scoop on things. I did not sleep well last night knowing that she was traveling back from Dallas. She and Lindsay got home about 2 AM. You would think that I would have slept better once they got home, but I was wide-awake for another hour or so. They overslept this morning (surprise, surprise) and had to hustle to get to work on time. I don’t feel very sorry for them.

Now I am off to town to do the Wal-Mart scene – yeha! I have been thinking about some new things to blog on - just not today.


Buck Pennington said...

Wow...busy weekend! I did notice Jean Kirkpatrick died on Friday, but missed the fact she was born in Duncan. I probably should have blogged about her, but didn't. My bad.

I agree with you about Hoyt Axton. Wikipedia has a good bio of the man. That said, if I ever hear "Joy to the World" again it will be too soon. Some songs just get overplayed... and JttW is one that leads my personal list of overplayed songs.

Bag Blog said...

I have a special memory of "Joy to the World". When Bo was about 4 years old, JttW came on the radio and I sang along with it. After listening to me sing the opening lines, Bo said, "That's just crazy, Mom!"