Monday, December 18, 2006

Oh What a Day

I majored in art, not business. I married an accountant. I have two brothers and a brother-in-law that were business majors. Someone can just mention business, futures, taxes, insurance, etc. and my eyes glaze over and I become the typical dumb blonde. For some odd reason, it is me that Mom comes to with questions on insurance, business and banking. Today, when I walked in her back door, she handed me about six different bank statements and said something was wrong with her business account. Sure Mom, let me go to the bathroom first and then I’ll just put on my “old folks” glasses and take a look. All the while, she is telling me about her deposits and problems with her accounts. Then she says, “And something is wrong with my car.” So I say, “Call Patterson’s to see if they can get your car in today while I look at these statements.” She calls, she gives them her car, make and model, she tells them about the sound it is making, and tells them she is going on vacation on Friday and needs her car fixed by then, plus the oil changed and tires rotated. Then it turns out she was talking to the receptionist wanting to direct her call, and she has been put on hold. It makes Mom crazy. So I say, “Maybe you should wait until they ask you specific questions.” Mom says, “Well, she said, ‘how may I help you?’” I say, “Give me that phone!”

Best I can tell, Mom has two separate business accounts when she is only suppose to have one. When Dad died, we closed one account with his name and opened a new one with Mom’s name, but there is definitely a problem. We gather up the statements to head to the bank to get this mess straightened out – after dropping off the car at Patterson’s. We have several “discussions” on the best route to the bank. Before getting to the bank, Mom realizes she is supposed to be at the AARP luncheon. Good thing I took the wrong turn, because now we are headed in the right direction for the luncheon at Piccadilly Cafeteria. I don’t mind eating with the AARP folks – it might be good experience for future references. I seem to be getting older by the minute. As we set down with our trays at the cafeteria, Mom points out that the nurse at the corner table will take my blood pressure free. I say, “No thanks, my blood pressure is probably sky high while I am visiting you.” She laughs out loud. After eating, I skip out to do some shopping in the mall. I walk all over the mall thinking Mom will be ready to go when I get back, but I am mistaken. The meeting is still going on. I get there in time to see the new officers installed and take pictures of them for the president. The man who is installing the officers decides to give a little speech on how the government is out of touch with the people – social security does not pay enough and senators still get paid even after they have a stroke and are no longer working. My eyes are not glazed over, but seriously twitching. Then we sing a few Christmas carols and the party breaks up.

It was on to the bank. I won’t go into detail, but eventually (tow separate trips to the bank) we got everything taken care of. Well, there is that missing check...but oh well. Mom went with me to run some errands (Market Street and Harbor Freight). I bought her a coffee latte mocha peppermint at Starbucks. We finished our latte’s just in time to go pick up her car from the “garage” as Mom calls it. It was really a very funny day. We both felt frazzled, but yet we got lots accomplished. I think my brothers owe me – big time!


Dale said...

Lou, You are a good daughter and sister and you can bet that you daddy is looking down upon you, laughing his head off, while being very proud of the way his Lou Lou is taking care of the love of his life! Hang in there girl! I'm sure Pete and Craig will give you something wonderful for Christmas!! HINT HINT!!

Oh BTW Thank You for the Christmas card! You picked out a perfect one for me!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

Buck Pennington said...

Ah...AARP. They're deluging me with offers these days to "come back." Dunno if I will, or not.

Your day yesterday sounds like the sort of day that makes one crazy...but Good On Ya! for having done it, Lou.

laurie said...

Lou, I am continually amazed at how much fun it is to read your "every day stuff" stories. Most of the time I find myself smiling after reading your posts. You're a good story teller. I would have people bored to death after 3 sentences if I told about my day.

I also want to thank you for the Christmas card. It's beautiful! After Christmas is over, I'm going to add the painting to my Soldiers' Angels poster board that I use when I set up a display anywhere.

Bag Blog said...

Your welcome, Laurie. I appreciate all that you do for Soldiers Angels. I am still amazed that people read my blog - so I thank you for that.