Tuesday, January 23, 2007


My computer and internet service have not been doing well lately. For a while now, they have been giving me fits. During the ice storm last week and the rain this last weekend, I have not been able to get online and stay there for much time. Add to that the slowness of dial-up, and it is almost impossible to get anything done online. If I can get on with more than 20 kbps, I am in hog heaven; anything less and I might as well get off and try again. Writing in Word and then pasting to my blog is helpful, but making comments on other’s blogs is very frustrating. I just wrote a comment on Becky’s site. Then as I was publishing it, my computer bumped me off line. At that point, I have to decide was my comment really worth trying to get back online, waiting to get back to Becky’s site, and re-writing what I wrote before – probably not. There have been several things at Buck’s that I wanted to comment on and I wanted to take the "What Book Are You" quiz, but my time online is so limited, I was torn as to commenting or reading my favorite blogs. Then this morning someone sent me a video (eyes roll back in head) which took forever to receive. If I try to do too many thing at once on my computer (like receive email and blog surf) I am sure to be bumped off. When I least expect it and usually after being bumped off again and again, my internet will work great, but by then, I have a life to live and must go attend other things. It is just getting very frustrating.

Ahhhh, good news! Toby told me he had gotten an official email at Halliburton saying that certain employees were to have high speed internet – a must. Just do it and send in an expense report. It seems when the ice storm hit last week, some key employees were not able to make it to work and tried to work from home. One of those employees is like us; she lives in the country and has dial up. That is when the higher-ups at H. said it was time to get faster internet so that the next time they had to work from home, it could be done. So, I’m doing the victory dance. It looks like H will pay for the installation of satellite internet (dance, dance). This morning, Toby asked me if I wanted a new computer to go with my future internet. When I was able to wipe the drool off my chin and speak, I said, "Sure."

I feel like my life may be changing and it is difficult to contain my excitement. Some of you are probably thinking, "What life?" But just think; I will be able to leave my computer on all day if I want. It won’t interfere with my getting phone calls – you know those tele-marketers need to make a living too. Right now, I start to upload a picture on my blog, go take a shower, come back and check it, and maybe get dressed before the picture is uploaded – those days will be over! Life more abundantly!


Dale said...

Did I hear Handel's "Messiah" playing in the background? You crack me up Lou!! You are definitely an artist because your words even paint a picture! Thanks for the joy you bring in my life!!

Buck Pennington said...

This morning, Toby asked me if I wanted a new computer to go with my future internet. When I was able to wipe the drool off my chin and speak, I said, "Sure."

Wooo-HOO! Life is gonna get GOOD! Well, better, anyway! Fast internet and fast computer...does it get any better than that? ;-)

Me, I'm waiting for that "fiber to the prem" and the associated 1GB service Yucca Telecom promised to deliver this month...but have not, as I speak/write. And with all this danged snow on the ground, I suspect the fiber installation has been slipped quite a bit.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks guys! I'm just pretty excited. Got a keep up with the Jones or at least the Pendletons.

inpassing said...

Wow, Lou! That is just pretty exciting.

Becky said...

Wow! So happy for you! I just love my DSL, and can't imagine ever going back to dial up.

BTW, your comment did go through. It should be up now. I'll answer your questions tonight after karate.

Laurie said...

You're going to love it, and you're going to wonder why the heck you waited so long! (Of course, the price tag, that's obvious). I love dsl.