Monday, January 22, 2007

Rainy Days

We geared up for another winter storm to hit us this last weekend, but when all was said and done, we only got rain. The temps were rather cold, but stayed above freezing. I am certainly not complaining. We needed the rain. We were well prepared for whatever the weather did having stocked up at Wal-Mart on Friday. Jesse stayed in town playing Wally-ball and did not come home until Friday evening. Then she packed her bag and went to Lindsay’s house. They had big plans to go sledding and play in the snow. When the snow did not happen, they played in the rain. What do you do on a rainy Saturday? Why, we get dressed up and take pictures in the rain, or at least, that is what Jesse and Lindsay did.

Saturday evening, we attended a small wedding of a young lady from our church. Because church was cancelled last Sunday and Wed, we were rather a loud group (not having seen each other in over a week). It was good to get out and see people some place besides Wal-Mart. Of course, weddings are happy occasions making us even more boisterous. There was some worry that the rain would turn to snow and ice. A few flakes started falling about 6:00 PM, and the decision to cancel church again on Sunday was made. As it turns out, the temps stayed above freezing and the snow and ice did not happen here in Duncan.

Next weekend is the youth banquet for the kids at church. Since most of the kids (if not all) are homeschooled, the banquet is a big to-do. The girls and boys get dressed up. The decorations are elaborate. The program is music talent from the kids. It is the social event of the year. This year’s theme is French. Several years ago, my art girls painted nine huge posters to cover the walls of a particular place the banquet was being held. That year the theme was Italian, and our wall paintings were Italian scenes. Now the huge wall scenes have become tradition, but we usually just do one big one to use as a backdrop for the kids to take pictures. Because I no longer live in the house with a long empty wall space, the backdrop scenes have become a bit more problematic. I have been wishy-washy as to whether I would even do a scene this year. Now the time is short, but Saturday, I put the paper together and started drawing off a French scene. I cleared a wall in Jesse’s room and hung the paper. Sunday morning Jesse and I changed the scene and started painting. Yikes! We have less than a week to finish a 6’x7’ wall painting.

I was thankful for the rainy weather, because it kept Jesse home on Sunday. We painted most of the day. Sunday evening we went to the movies together to see "Night at the Museum". Although Jesse spent most of Saturday with Lindsay, I got her for a large part of the weekend. I had to weigh my options on Sunday afternoon – football playoffs or time with Jes. It was a good time painting with her and then going to the movies. I chose wisely.


Buck Pennington said...

Y'all dodged a bullet this weekend. Good for you!

Just curious, but how do you transport a painting of that scale from your house to the banquet facility? In pieces?

Laurie said...

Painted on a sheet or other curtain like substance that can be folded up?

Bag Blog said...

I tape rolls of butcher paper together. Butcher paper has a paper side on which I paint and a plastic side which hold the moisture of the Acrylic paint. It is rolled up easily enough and transported to the banquet.

Dale said...

It looks like Jesse is the only one having the fun in that picture! I was glad to see you guys dodge the bullet because that meant we dodged the bullet. Which is a good thing because folks around here start putting their cars in the ditches when we have any sign of snow. And you can forget buying gas or bread for the week leading up to the big event.