Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I found this funny story over at OPFOR posted by Col.P but written by Pat Rogers.

"I make 5-7 long walks with the pup daily, and while strolling through the 'hood i see a lot. Lately the crop of 9-11 year olds have been out on the street with plastic guns. rucks and patrol caps. Understand I live in a nice place, and mostly everyone is gov or military, with a mean rank of 0-6/ GS15. [LtCol P note: this is true, I used to live right around the corner, except I was only a captain at the time!]
Today i heard the kids along a stream that runs past the back of my casa. Orders, the ratchet sound of the plastic guns etc. I went out on the back porch in time to see a patrol assulting through a linear ambush. After consolidation they took a break and sorted things out. A young voice cut through the forest.
Yeah, the kids are playing Cowboy's and haji's. Things just may be getting better...."

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