Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Things That Make Me LOL

Tia Jesse Maria picked OU in a football bowl game pool at work. Toby and I laughed when Idaho put the whup on OU. Jesse thought it was funny too, although it hurt her chances of being in the money.

This picture makes me laugh.


Buck Pennington said...

I forgot to blog about Monday's football games, but the Boise State - OU game was perhaps the best game I've seen all year. What an ending!! Those guys from Boise really deserved that win...they had guts, determination, and above all imagination when it came to their play selection and execution. Superb!!

I also think that most of the country was rooting for Boise State...unless one hails from deepest, darkest Norman.

And now I've gone and blogged about it...on your dime, Lou! Sorry!

Bag Blog said...

You can use my dime anytime.