Saturday, January 27, 2007

Passing on News

USA Today picked up a picture of my cousin, Capt. Jim, that was taken by John Moore. His picture was featured on Jan. 22nd on the Day in Pictures. John Moore apparently is a photographer for Getty Images . To see more of John Moore's pics from Iraq, you will need to go to the Getty site and search for John Moore. My computer was too slow to follow the USA Today link.

I would also like to share the passing of a good friend Jimmy King. Jimmy died of cancer in RR where he and his wife lived. They were lodge managers. He and his wife were happy people - simple folk who were always friendly. They like to scoot a boot now and then. Jimmy loved horses - especially his big bay horse. Jimmy always made me smile. I will remember him walking in the evenings on Main Street, but not getting much exercise because he had to stop and visit with everyone. I will remember him always with his wife, always smiling, and always happy.
My friend Annette emailed this:
Bill and I went to Jimmie King's funeral this morning...lots of music from Mike Hearne, Wayne Kidd and a group of back-up singers from Faith Mountain, Mandy Buchanan, Leroy Featherston, Fritz of the Red River Miner, etc.. Danetta spoke first (crying but speaking) and quite a few got up to tell of events with Jimmie... Pooh wrote a poem, read it crying, and nearly everyone was daubing their eyes with Kleenex. The Community House was full. The seating was set up differently...with the podium on the east wall. Someone had made him a pine casket (cause that's what cowboys were buried in) and they laid him to rest in the Red River Cemetery on a mountainside.


Bec said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend Jimmy King, Lou. I think about some of the folks I've lost over the years, kind and happy folks like Jimmy, and I feel really sad. They're not so common, are they?

Bag Blog said...

You are right, Bec. People like Jimmy are pretty special. Thanks for the sympathies.