Monday, January 29, 2007

Too Cool

This morning my computer was not letting me online. Maybe it was a good thing because I went to town and did some shopping and went to quilting and helped the ladies. They did not really need my help today. Now I am home and my computer is working better. I got this email from my Uncle Bob who fought in the Ia Drang Valley of Vietnam 1965. I have been to two of his veteran reunions and met Mr. Crandall. Anytime you get to go to the White House, it is just an honor, but to see Bruce Crandall get his Medal of Honor, well, too cool!

Dear Family and Friends,
On February 26, 2007, Bruce Crandall will be awarded the Medal Of Honor at a ceremony in the The White House. President Bush will present the award. It is an award a long time coming and Bruce is very deserving of the MOH. He had been awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for his acts of heroism.

Carolyn and I have been invited to attend this very special ceremony honoring my good friend Bruce. If you have read the book, We were Soldiers...Once and Young" or have seen the movie, you would recognize "Snake 6" for his acts of heroism during the battle at LZ X-Ray.

Carolyn and I are very excited to be included in "this once in a lifetime visit" to the White House for this very special occasion and the opportunity to meet President Bush. The itinerary also includes a reception at Ft. Myer, a dinner, and a visit to the Hall of Heroes at the Pentagon.

We will fly to Washington, DC on February 24 and return on the 28th.

Carolyn and I are honored to be included in the ceremony and on the guest list.


Bec said...

Omigosh, now that's some happy news! One month away!
Uh, I hate to ask this but what are you going to wear? :)

Bag Blog said...

I only wish I were going to the White House, but actually it is my uncle and aunt will get to attend the MOH ceremony.

My hippie/lawyer brother has been to the White House during the Clinton administration. His wife had been invited because of her ties to Henry Cisneros. She is a Hispanic folk singer in the Austin area. They invited my parents to go with them, but not me. Go figure!

Buck Pennington said...

I googled Bruce Crandall and came up with this site, which was apparently commissioned by Lt. Col. Crandall's kids as a Father's Day present. How very cool!

I'm pretty sure this is the Bruce Crandall.

Am I right Lou?

Bec said...

"it is my uncle and aunt will get to attend the MOH ceremony"
Oh, I see where I misunderstood. The letter was from your parents! Duh.

Well, you might be invited one of these days, who knows? Someday, maybe?