Monday, March 05, 2007

Babies and Parties

It was a party weekend here in OK. Friday we had a little birthday party for GBN1 who actually turns three tomorrow. Saturday was a baby shower for GBN2. My mom came up from WF to attend the shower, and Toby’s mom surprised us and came from Lubbock with Toby’s sister. The baby shower was a good party with lots of baby gifts for the new baby. Later, Toby’s sister went home, but left his mother to stay with us for a few days. She was able to have some quality great-granbaby time. Today, we will meet Toby and Jesse for lunch and maybe do some shopping.

There are some families at our church fellowship that have large families – believing that God gives you children - so they do not use birth control of any sort (this is a personal belief for these families and not one that is pushed on anyone). One such family has twelve children. Their mom, Eva, was at the baby shower on Saturday although she was very pregnant with baby no. 13. I commented on how she looked ready to pop any day. She told me to be praying for because the baby was due any time now. Later that evening Eva’s oldest daughter called to say that her mother had gone into labor and would call again when the baby was born. Eva has had all her children at home without any problems using a mid-wife system. This time, Eva had a baby boy, but she did not feel very well after the birth. Her husband took her to the local hospital where she delivered a healthy baby girl. Twins! Babies numbers thirteen and fourteen! It was a total surprise, which was so unusual in this day and age that I just had to share it with you.

Hopefully, I will get my computer problems fixed this week. I'll be using my old dial-up in the meantime.


Buck Pennington said...

It was a total surprise, which was so unusual in this day and age that I just had to share it with you.

I'm quite sure Baby #14 surprised MOM more than anyone! As for me, well, I'm much more than surprised to hear about a family with 14 children these days! I'll bet Eva has absolutely NO problem at all keeping busy.

And Happy Birthday to Bess!!

Bec said...

Twins! Wow! It must be like living in a little village with so many. I'm sure they all pull their fair share of work, too. Amazing. Congrats to the family!
BTW, my parents each have a twin brother. Twindom escaped me and my cousins, though. And our offspring.

Bag Blog said...

There are several families at our church that have eight or nine children. It is really not unusual in the Christian homeschooling community. They are amazing families. The kids are trained at an early age to take care of each other. The result is very close families where children get along much better than some families with just a few kids.