Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Wild Men

We took Toby’s mom to WF last night to meet up with his sisters. We met the sisters at Olive Garden and had a very pleasant meal. Mary Nell will stay a day with them before her husband comes from Lubbock to pick her up. It is always good to see my mother-in-law. She is a special lady and lots of fun. The sisters are lots of fun too (one of them is single, Buck, if you are interested :)

Mary Nell reminded me that March 4th was the 25th anniversary of Hub’s death (Toby’s father). I was pregnant with Jesse when Hub died. It was the first and only time I experienced anger when someone died. It was a very odd emotion at the time, but of course, I was pregnant. It made me mad that he had not taken better care of himself. He knew he had a bad heart and still he smoked and drank more than he should have. He was not very active and weighed more than he should have. He just could have done better. Although, I understand more about life now, it still seems like such a waste. At the time I became pregnant with Jes, Hub had four grandsons. Hub and I both knew Jesse would be a girl although everyone else thought I would have another boy. He teased me that this baby would be his "dark haired, dark eyed grand-daughter" and he was right. When he did not live to see her, I was just angry. They would have been bad together.

I took Mary Nell to see Jesse at work before we left for WF. Jesse pointed out one of her "dandies". I explained to MN that Jesse had several young men who seemed to follow her around. She likes her young men well enough – "friends" she says, but none of them seem to be ringing any bells. I also told MN that Jesse had described the young man, whom Jesse had pointed out to us, as "a bit of a wild-ass". Mary Nell’s eyebrow went up, she gave me that woman to woman look, and she said, "You and I both know how a girl feels about a guy like that. We both got men like that." I had to agree. Sure, a girl wants a good man, one who has integrity, wisdom and lots of love to give. She wants a man who will be a good father - a godly man who will teach her children in the right way – one who will be a leader for her family. But there is just something about a guy who is a little wild. Maybe it is the promise of excitement, fun, and laughter.

When I write something like the above, I wonder if people really know what I am saying. Do they understand my thoughts? I wonder if I should explain more. Should I use different language? Will some people find my thoughts offensive? But then, I hope the people who read this know me well enough and know that I poke fun at myself and others. I just have to hope that my readers know me, and that if readers do not know me, maybe my writing will be sufficient to get my feelings across. If my readers do not "get it" well, they will probably move on. I will.


Bec said...

I get you, Lou! :)
Jesse sounds like a strong lady who knows her own mind. Of course she'd be attracted to a guy who is strong minded too.

And I enjoy you for who you are. You remind me of some of my good friends from Wyoming. Keep on speaking your mind.

Buck Pennington said...

Ah. Lots to comtemplate in this post, not the least of which is...

I wonder if people really know what I am saying.

I wonder about that all the time and as a result am probably perceived by my readers ("both of 'em," as Lex used to say) as somewhat wishy-washy. I say "wishy-washy" due to my compulsive "need" to be Fair and Balanced so as not to offend any wandering moonbat (or others with tender sensibilities) that happens to drop by EIP. Thus: (most of) those links I post to moonbat sites, among other things. We all want to be liked, don't we?

All that said, I agree with Bec, Lou. You're very straightforward and I don't believe I've ever taken what you've written the "wrong way."

I thought you were going to go down the path that explains that perennial male question: "What do women REALLY want?" But, alas, you stopped even as you'd just begun.

Now. About that single sister... :-)

Laurie said...

I know exactly what you mean, been there, more than once, got t-shirts. Most things filed under "of all the stupid things I've ever done" involved a wild one.

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

So... MamaLou, what you're telling me is that my wife married me for my ass??? Hence, the furtive comments of said dorsal area. Well, now that i know...i won't try to figger why a girl like her married a guy like me. Thats why i visit the Bagblog...its a smoother ride than www.straightdope.com
Don'tcha just love the tagline, "Fighting ignorance since 1973...its taking longer than we thought." Keep your sword sharp.

Bag Blog said...

Friendly Piper, I would say that your ass could have had something to do with it, but more than likely it was your sense of humor and sense of adventure. You have nice legs too.