Friday, March 16, 2007

Painting of the Week

I needed a thank-you card so I painted this picture of two coyote pups. They do have a significant meaning to the person I am sending the card to - my preacher and his wife. My preacher is a government tapper. Several years ago, he found two orphaned coyote pups. He brought them home and raised them. He named them Pancho and Cisco. One pup became too aggressive and had to be put down. A neighbor shot the other pup not knowing that it was a pet - such is the life of wild animals in OK.
GBN1 had a big day yesterday. After a trip to Wal-Mart and then to the park where we met Toby, Jesse, and two of the Dandies for lunch, GBN1 was ready for a nap. She slept most of the way through my art class, and woke up in time to entertain the girls. Later we went for a walk and threw rocks in the pond which was great fun. We switched to throwing sticks while Rita, the cow dog, retrieved them. Eventually, GBN1 slipped in the mud and fell getting her legs and butt wet. It was time to go home anyway. After we watched Peter Pan, we all went to bed.


inpassing said...

I got tickled at your description of the government job. Of course, I knew the job was a "trapper" and it was just a typo, but in today's world I was just wondering what a "government tapper" might do. Do they tap dance at conventions? Are they wire-tapping specialists? Do they just drink tap water? The list could go on, but since you are in possession of Red Chief, I'll be nice :) !!

Of course, then you could refer back to my response to your blog when I said your painting reminded me of the ice/snow covering we've had this "summer" instead of "winter".

Bag Blog said...

Typing with Red Chief is slow going. Keeping a complete thought in my head is even more difficult.

Laurie said...

LOL! I was not wise to the fact that it was supposed to be trapper so I was wondering some of those very things, inpassing.