Thursday, March 15, 2007

Twins and Red Chief.

The twins were just beautiful. I enjoyed holding each one. Although the boy was the biggest at birth, his little sister has caught up and passed him. He is just not eating as well. The mother of the twins is half Hispanic. Some of the 14 children are dark and some are light. With the twins, the boy is light and the girl is dark headed. Pretty cute as are the other children in the family.

GBN1 talked all the way home from Chickasha which is about a one hour trip. Toby got ready for bed first then watched Red Chief, as he is calling GBN1, while I got ready for bed. We made a little bed beside our bed for her using cushions from the sofa. Red Chief liked her little bed, but as soon as I climbed into bed, she suddenly had to pee-pee. Off to the bathroom we went. When I got her back in bed, then she wanted her puppy (old stuffed animal toy). I turned the light on and found it. Then she said she needed to wash her hands. I was about to tell her no, but then I noticed she was covered in something yellow. I had it on me too! What the heck was it?! Toby announced that it was probably paint. Paint?! How did that happen? Then Toby confessed that she had gotten into a tube of my yellow paint, but he did not know that she had actually opened it. I had to get up, clean up, put her night gown in water to soak - good grief, it was just ruined. We woke Jesse up to borrow and old T-shirt to sleep in. Red Chief was quite pleased with Aunt Jes' shirt, and we finally got to bed. After much chatter, we got to sleep. This morning we were up at 5:00AM. It could be a long day for Boo Boo and light blogging for the next few days.
Jesse leaves for Cozumel in the morning. She will be scuba diving by afternoon.


the friendly neighborhood piper said...
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Buck Pennington said...

Jesse leaves for Cozumel in the morning.

Ah... Dang, but I'd like to go, too. Not for the diving, mind you. Just a few Dos Equis and the beach would do fine. And lots of carne con chile verde and such...

{sigh} BIG sigh...

It sounds like you're in for some great, good times this next week, Lou! :-)

the friendly neighborhood piper said...
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the friendly neighborhood piper said...

(sorry, having technical difficulties, mostly syntax errors.)

CLASSIC!!! A couple thoughts here... So, have you come to a price yet on Little Yellow Cyclone (aka Red Chief)?

If you have ever played Fantasy League Sports with your son, Ebenezer Dorset, Esq. is perfect.

OK, i'll bite, i've always wanted to try my hand at lasso'ing the twister, tellya what...i'll take that $250 bucks you were gonna give the Esquire and throw her in with my three cyclones...maybe we can have a full blown herrican!

I take Jesse for not playin Bill Driscoll in this escapade, making for warmer climes...she's heady that girl. And you let Sam off to "work". Well, Bill, friendly see "a piece of leather with strings wrapped around it"

By the way, i've seen Red Chief, and the surname ain't Dorset, its Mantooth.

On further note...i do have the 7 O'Diamonds up for rent, it hasn't seen much action lately, i think its getting fat, like me.


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