Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Snot Funny

The following stories are not for the weak of stomach.

Since I made fun of Lindsay and her picture posing yesterday, I thought I would share a “Jesse Story” today as told by Lindsay.

As I said yesterday, both girls liked the scuba diving, but I think Lindsay liked it more than Jesse. It turns out that Jesse threw-up twice (or as Lindsay said, “hurled”) as she came to the surface and boarded the dive-boat. Apparently this is not uncommon, but neither is it pleasant. According to Lindsay, after Jesse “spewed her guts” she was quite woozy and needed to be helped into the boat. One of the dive-guides went to her aide. As she pulled off her mask, Lindsay said she had three large blobs of snot – one on each cheek and one on her forehead. The dive-guide started to help her, but then backed off when he saw the snot. One of the other guides motioned for him to ignore the snot and get her in the boat. Lindsay felt sorry for Jesse and wanted to help her, tell her about the snot, and get it off of her face, but could not get to Jesse. Lindsay said, “I couldn’t help Jesse, and I couldn’t get to my camera!” Lindsay is such a good friend. Eventually, one of the guides told Jesse she had a face full of snot which did not bother Jesse much. She just wiped it off and went on. Now you know why Jesse liked the parasailing more than the scuba diving. Of course, Jesse loves flying. I won’t be surprised if she takes up parachuting – yikes!

GBN1 also had a snotty story this last weekend. Bess had a cold while we were keeping her. Mostly it was congestion, but it began to break up and cause her to cough. She was sitting in her car seat as we were taking her back to her parents. She started coughing, and coughed so hard that she gagged herself and threw up. Before I could help her, she looked down at herself and said, “Oh gosh!” Pretty funny coming from a three year old!

My friend, The Piper, has been posting on his blogsite. He is an excellent writer – writing mostly about his day-to-day life. He is a wonderful husband and father. He is a good friend, especially to my son. They often make homebrew together. And he is just a fun guy – check him out.


Buck Pennington said...

I always wondered about the rigging and such on a parasail. Now I know! That said, it'll be a COLD day in Hades before you'd find me in one of those things. (My fear of heights is legendary; I've left finger prints embedded in the steel and aluminum of radar antennae all over the world...)

Great stories!

Becky said...

Funny thing about weak stomachs, when Cody throws up or bleeds etc, it doesn't bother me. I just calmly clean him up and go on. It's just TV or movie vomit or blood that grosses me out.

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

OK, first of all, you gotta tell Jesse, GIRL YOU ARE WORKIN' THEM HOLLYWOOD SHADIES!!!! that is pure unadulterated humor right there! and is that the patented consummate "this is how a GIRL has fun" Lindsay look!!!! CLASSIC pics, if anyone wants to know this pair, look no further than those two pics.

MamaLou, you maka me blush. Thanks for the props. Seriously though, i read your stuff and i'm like, "i could only aspire..." and i'm not blowin' smoke, i think you paint here too, each time you hit a key it's a brushstroke. Keep painting...i like your work.

C'mon Uncle Buck, surely in all your soldier days you spent some time around 'biners' and D rings! Its all good, they only break "occasionally" and your landing in water, just keep your legs and arms straight when you enter.

Bag Blog said...

Jesse and Lindsay went to see "Music and Lyrics" which has a scene where Drew Barrymore is wearing huge sunglasses. Jesse said, "Oh, I have to have those!" To which Lindsay replied, "You already have a pair - good grief!" I call them her Jacki O sunglasses.

Thanks for the compliments - I love you too, Jay.