Thursday, March 22, 2007




It is difficult to decide which picture of the girls to post today. The Piper mentioned Jesse’s sunglasses in the comments yesterday. I call them her “Jackie O” look. Should I post another of Jess wearing the sunglasses or should I post one of “the divers”. Decisions, decisions!

Today is art with the big girls – my favorite. Thursdays with the big girls is not like teaching class. It is more like hanging with my buds. I meant buds as in buddies, but then again, they are all like buds. They are young ladies in their late teens and early twenties just blooming into life. They make me laugh and they laugh with me. Doesn’t that make them good friends rather than just students?

Spring is definitely here in OK. Everything is greening up. We have had lots of wind and may get rain this weekend. We can sleep with the windows open. We planted three trees and lots of hibiscus. It is almost kayak season – maybe still a little cool out on the lakes for kayaking. Toby and I have talked about taking the kayaks somewhere new this year – maybe the Hill Country of Texas or Beavers Bend in OK. Toby does not get spring fever. He gets motorcycle fever. This is not something I understand. Having always had a fear of motorcycles and not wanting to be the fat woman on the back of his cycle, I just cringe at the thought of his getting one. Then there is the thought of my precious baby on a motorcycle. No, not Toby, I worry about Jesse. To each his own – I guess.

You know, spring is a bit of an anxious time when you feel like you need to make changes, do new things, clean house (not). With the time change, it means you have to work until the sun goes down – the barn, the yard, the patio. But for some reason spring gives you that refreshed feeling that you can get it all done.


Buck Pennington said...

It's very spring-like here today, too: thunderstorms in the area. The sky is very dark and I have the lights on. At 0930! No rain yet, though. All around us -- not on us.

Toby does not get spring fever. He gets motorcycle fever.

I SO understand. I went quite a while without riding (about ten years) after a serious accident. But each and every Spring when the bikes came out I'd get "that ol' feeling." I think this is a guy thing, for the most part. But, like everything in life, there are my friend Lori who's every bit as much a biker as any guy.

I also understand your fear, Lou. The things ARE dangerous, and you can do absolutely every thing right and still get seriously hurt. Or dead. All because of "the other guy." I could go on..but won't. Your dime, and all that! :-)

Laurie said...

Supposed to be near 60 here today, and rain later. Was tempted to leave my son a note to clean room, open windows to blow out stink. LOL! But I didn't have time to leave a note, will call him later.

Becky said...

It's already up into the mid 80's here. I envy you being able to open your windows. I can't because of my allergies. Phooey.