Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Another American Beauty

It has been awhile since since I have posted a picture of my daughter-in-law, but since Buck mentioned that I have lots of beautiful friends and relatives, I thought I would show-off some more. My son is looking a bit silly here, but hey, he is my son. Notice GBN1 in the background.

The other day I asked Toby how to download the Easy Share photo software onto my new computer so that I did not have to use Jesse's computer to post pictures. He told me to ask Jesse. I told him I'd rather eat dirt. And I figured it out for myself. Since most of the pictures are on Jesse's computer right now, I am still using her puter. Hopefully, I will not have to use her's so much in the future. I am tired of running back and forth between our computers when I need different things.

I have also been doing some blog surfing again and have found some pretty interesting sites. One new milblog is Desert Flier It is not for the weak of stomach, because he is a flight/trauma nurse in Ramadi. Sometimes his stories are sad, but he seems to have a sense of humor. He also had a link to a fellow trauma nurse, who posted some videos of what they do at their hospital. Once again, be warned that they are graphic.

Reading about male nurses in the military reminded me of a funny story (comic relief). Years ago in Red River, we were going to Bull of the Woods with another couple ( longtime good friends Steve and Janetta) for a little socializing and dancing. As we walked into the bar, an older lady squealed when she saw Steve, hugged him, and started talking non-stop (keep in mind RR is a resort town, and you never know who you will run into). We all hung back watching and waiting as Steve visited with the lady who turned out to be the mother of one of his old high school buddies. The lady was quite excited to see Steve and would not even let him get a word in as she told about her son, whom Steve had not seen since school. At one point, she said, "And now my son is a male nurse! How does that grab you?" Without batting an eye, Steve answered, "Like a hairy hand in the dark." The lady never paid any attention to what he had said, but the rest of us looked at each other and burst out laughing.


Buck Pennington said...

Thanks for the link, Lou. I remain amazed that these guys can find the time and energy to share their experiences with us...and I'm SO glad they do!

Your post title is just SO appropriate... Bo is obviously a very lucky guy!!

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

Found it!!! This has more to do with yesteday's post than today's. The song i was thinking of (which ended up driving me crazy most of the day) is "Almost Home" Craig Morgan. Freaking song makes me tear up every time i hear it.

Uncle Buck, Bo isn't necessarily lucky, he's just a good man. i suppose more than that he's intelligent, and i don't mean just smart, some folks would call it widsom...he utilized that and he found a good wife. My Great Grandpa used to say looking for a good wife is like finding a good horse (now ladies don't take that too far) it takes time and a good eye. He found one, my Grandpa found one, my dad found one, i found one, Toby found one, and Bo followed suit. While we're on the subject.. somebody is just flat missin' out on Jesse...that girl's a Triple Crown winner.

Bag Blog said...

I think Jesse would like the "Triple Crown Winner" comparison. Someday some young man will come along and find a real jewel of a wife in Jesse. And yes, Bo did an excellent job on finding his lovely wife as did The Piper.

Becky said...

Hairy hand in the dark. That is too funny. I'll have to remember that, even though my neighbor is also a male nurse.