Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cat Philosophy

Felina and her kittens are doing well. It won't be long before they start moving around and keeping us entertained. Who could not love those little faces? Don't worry - I will give them away when the time comes - no problem.
I have been bringing home cats since I was a little girl. I brought one to Toby while we were dating. It was a test of sorts to see how he would react. It was not important that he love cats; it was important that he loved me enough to let me have the things I loved. He did well.


inpassing said...
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inpassing said...

My first post was removed because of a typo. I wish I knew how to edit them once I've hit the send button.

Anyway, I was telling you that every part of me thinks cats are great...except my eyes, ears, nose, roof of my mouth...well you get the pictures.

Also, I'm glad Toby passed the test. It just wouldn't seem right having Lou without Toby or vice versa. I mean just think about it...Lou and just doesn't work for me!!

Becky said...

Awwww! They're so cute! I grew up with cast as well, but that was because my dad hated dogs.

Bag Blog said...

Inpassing,I feel the same way about "E&P". And now we have Nana,nana,Booboo - it all works out well.

Becky, I learned not to ask my dad if I could have a cat. I just brought them home.