Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hill Country Vacation

There is a wonderful blown glass display at the Oklahoma City Art Museum. My students were very impressed with the glass, although I took them to the museum to see the paintings. The glass was lots of fun. You know how l love to visit art museums.
Next week, Toby has to be in Houston on the 17th. That means I can go along and visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston (rubbing hands together in anticipation). Buck posted info on the museum and their Masterpieces of French Painting from the Metropolitan Museum of Art that is on display until May 6. On the way to Houston, we will hopefully spend some time in Round Rock - my nephew has made it to the state soccer tournament. They play in RR on Thursday. If they win, they play in the final game on Saturday. Since my older brother lives in Austin, it may be a family reunion in Austin this weekend. While we are in the area, Toby and I may have to drive over to San Marcos, our old stomping grounds. We lived there in the late 70's while Toby was finishing college. Bo was born there. Although much has changed, it still has some of the same restaurants and hangouts. We may have to stop in Wimberly to see Toby's nephew and new great-niece. There are lots of people and places to see, and I look forward to just getting away from the farm. The Hill Country in the springtime is great.


the friendly neighborhood piper said...

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inpassing said...

Have fun in Texas!!!

Buck Pennington said...

Wow, Lou...great news! You're gonna make it to Houston before me... My trip is being delayed a bit coz I have to be here in P-Town to sign for a few items I'm buying off e-Bay (and other places) once they're delivered.

But I AM gonna go! I'm looking forward to your "trip report!"

Becky said...

Lou, enjoy your trip to Houston!

Making glass is so fascinating. When I was in Venice, Italy, we stopped at a place and watched them do it. I used to love watching the guys blow glass at the state fairs. I'd love to learn how to do it, but I'd be afraid I'd suck instead of blow!

Bag Blog said...

I am fascinated by blown glass, too, but have never seen it done. My trip to Venice was a quick one day thing squeezing in all that we could see. Maybe someday, I will get to go back and see the making of glassware. I did manage to buy some beautiful wine glasses while in Venice.