Monday, April 09, 2007

Bright Lights

This picture shows how we push GBN1 in her cozy car. I have a video, but I may need lessons on how to post a video. Notice that GBN1 has her legs hanging out the sides of her car. Cozy Cars do not have a place to put your feet - kids are suppose to walk the car. Since speed is the name of the game, the feet must be out of the way. The steering wheel does not actually work, and the wheels are loosey-goosey. It can be a wild ride.
I also chose this picture because it shows the pasture behind our house. We have new neighbors moving in soon. They are getting ready to move a double-wide onto their property. A few days ago, the electric lines were put in - coming off of our pole. The electricians must have thought it slightly closer to come from our property rather than the road, although I bet the road was almost as close. Notice the third pole has a light on it. This is a security light that seems to stay on all night. Now why in the heck do people need to keep a light on all night long - especially one that shines in our bedroom windows? I can see the need for a light when you get home at night or need something in the dark, but all night long - crazy. I kind of like the dark when trying to sleep. Besides, we live in the country where a person should be able to enjoy the stars and sky at night. Move to the city if you like night lights. We had a neighbor in NM who had one of these lights and refused to turn it off when asked nicely by another neighbor across the valley. Said light was mysteriously shot out one night. Made me laugh and gave me evil ideas.


Becky said...

I can imagine. I felt much the same way when we were annexed (against our wishes) and the city but a streetlight right outside my bedroom window. Fortunately, it stayes burned out half of the time, and for some reason, it never gets reported.

Laurie said...

Before I got to the last two sentences, I was thinking the very same thing. LOL!