Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Weekend

Although it was a cold weekend, it was a fun weekend. Saturday, Jes, Toby and I went to OK City to do some shopping. It was a clear day, but pretty chilly. Toby bought a new Kawasaki KLR 650 that he had read about in the classifieds. It was just what he wanted and at the right price. He was quite excited by his new bike, but it was way too cold for him to ride his new bike home. We loaded it into the back of the truck to get it home. Of course, since he spent money on a new motorcycle, he had to be really good to us girls and treat us to a great lunch and put up with us while we shopped for shoes and clothes. He treated himself to a few new shirts, too. We also stopped at the farm store and picked up some Easter ducks for GBN1. We presented the ducks to her on Sunday after church. She loved them, but was a little rough with them. Jesse had to referee. Our daughter-in-law was a little surprised that we bought ducks. My son said, "Didn't you get ducks for Easter when you were little?" If she was surprised at ducks, just wait until we buy GBN1 a goat. We also gave GBN1 a basket of cascarones (Easter eggs filled with confetti). Bess did not grasp the idea of hitting others with them and cracked them on her own head instead. Pretty silly. We played outside for a few minutes giving Bess rides in her cozy car while the boys played with their toy. A good time was had by all.


the friendly neighborhood piper said...

i'm proud of Ranger not finding a live squeak toy! The bike looks like waaaay too much fun....there goes the golf course! By the way, i think GBN1's dad and i are going into the winemaking business. Scary huh!

ps. have you listened to your dial up telephone number yet? YANKEE!

Buck Pennington said...

Oh, WOW! NICE bike!! JUST the thing for a lil bit of fast fire-roading! SN2 has been running me hard the last two weeks about buying another bike, SN1 is actively shopping for same, and now this... How's a guy supposed to hold out in the face of all this pressure?

If she was surprised at ducks, just wait until we buy GBN1 a goat.

You definitely would have been persona non grata around El Casa Pennington if you pulled a stunt like that on me (and my kids)! :-)

inpassing said...

Ok Buck...concerning the new bike...just repeat after me..."I will exercise common sense...I will exercise common sense".

As for the ducks (and future goat)...I heard all about them from GBN1. Boy, was she ever excited about them. I'm glad Boo-Boo's the grandma on the farm and that it's not me. (Please refer to the Green Acres them song!) LOL

Oh yes...Piper, I was surprised that Ranger wasn't having an afternoon snack!

Bag Blog said...

That's funny, I was more worried about the cat eating the ducks than the dog. I was worried about the dog eating the kittens. It's a zoo, I'm tellin' ya!

Jesse may be looking for a smaller bike of her own. She just cannot handle the bigger one.

Spring is in the air!

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

wait a minute..."She just cannot handle the bigger one" that's not the jb i know. Is it too tall for her? The JB i know flies 300 ft. in the air behind boats, would jump out of an airplane if given the chance, and scales small mountains in a single...afternoon. What's a few extra cc's to SuperJesse

Buck Pennington said...

inpassing said: ..."I will exercise common sense...I will exercise common sense".

The problem is common sense ain't all that common. Around here, anyway. :-)

In the "preaching to the choir" dept, I suggest Jesse sign up for a motorcycle rider's course before she buys her bike. I did a quick search on the MSF website and I see there's a training site in Lawton. The USAF (and all the other services, I'm sure) require you take the course before you can register a bike on base...and that's a good idea.

I took the course in the Wayback, and later became a certified bike instructor while I was in England. VERY worthwhile.


Bag Blog said...

Jesse took a Super Hero quiz and was "Superman". Unfortunately, her legs are not so long and the bike is too heavy for her to go tip-toe. I think Buck's idea of a bike course is a great idea. I have put my baby girl on a big 1500 lb. roping horse, but the thought of putting her on a motorcycle is a bit more scary for me. I can only control certain things about life.

Becky said...

Great Pics, Lou. Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter. The ducks are too cute. What will you do with them when they are grown? My cousins had some ducks once, but they had to get rid of them because their Chesapeake Bay Retriever kept...well...retrieving them. She never hurt them, she just fetched them all the time.