Thursday, April 05, 2007

MOH Ceremony

My Uncle Bob sent a disk of photos from his visit to Washington and Bruce Crandall's MOH ceremony. This picture was taken at the Whitehouse - from l to r: Aunt Carolyn, Bruce, his wife, and Uncle Bob.

Uncle Bob said that seeing his friend, Bruce get the MOH was an honor that he never thought he would see in his lifetime. Not only was the ceremony at the Whitehouse impressive, the next day there was a ceremony at the Pentagon that UB said was awesome. I will post more pics from the Pentagon later.

I am really glad that UB was able to attend the ceremony. "Too Tall To Fly" Ed Freeman was not able to make the ceremony due to the snow storm at the time. Ed received his MOH years ago, but for some reason Bruce's was held up in Congress. Bruce is a sweet humble man, a man who loves his wife and family, a true hero. He well deserved the MOH.

A funny story to go along with the disk of photos: As soon as I got the disk, I popped it into my computer and looked through the pics. Right off the bat, I started recognizing people that we met while attending the Ia Drang Veteran's reunions several years ago. Today, as I was picking out a photo to share, I could not come up with one couple's names. I had it yesterday, but was drawing a blank today. I went and asked Jesse if she could remember the name of the couple at the reunion that bought our dinner. Jesse thought for a minute and said, "Wasn't his name something like Dale?" I told her that "Dale" was not right - not even close. She was no help. A few minutes later as I looked through more photos, their names popped into my brain. I hollered to Jes, "Their names were Chip and Vicki." She started laughing. She had thought his name was Dale, but it was Chip. Chip and Dale - pretty funny.


Buck Pennington said...

Great photo, and great usual!

I find it interesting, VERY interesting, to see a photo like this on a friend's blog. Interesting in the sense that I watched the ceremony on C-SPAN (which makes it a "media event" by definition) and then I see my friend publish a photo of the honoree. Sort of a third-hand brush with fame, which is pretty danged cool. And I use the word "fame" in its truest sense...not in the perverted "National Enquirer - Anna Nicole" sense.

I'll now pour my first cup and think about editing what I just wrote... (ah! two sips, a preview and I'll let it stand...for better or worse.)

Bag Blog said...

Having met and spoken with Bruce Crandall on two occasions makes me feel like I know someone famous - like I am dropping names :) But when conversing with BC, he is the most normal guy in the room - willing to talk and take pictures with anyone. He made me feel like I had known him for years. I was still pretty awed.

I've moved onto diet Dr. Pepper and still need the caffine.

Buck Pennington said...

Your recent "add" (the music) startled the HELL out of me! I had my sound turned up and all of a sudden there's this music! I alt-tabbed through all my open apps and there's NOTHING... e.g., no Real Player, no Win Media Player, no Radio Paradise... open. Nothing at all! Then the music stops when I move on to the comments page... "Ah-HA!" sez I, slower than molasses on January third, as it dawns on me... Pretty cool, it is!

I'm still on the coffee, btw. But I got up a lot later than you, Lou.

Bag Blog said...

I am very proud of my music because I did it all by myself (said with a southern twang). It was not meant to scare folks, but that is funny.