Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Here are more pictures from the FOF reunion. The first one is Craig and his new girlfriend, Catherine. Catherine seems to be a very special person - not just to Craig, but in general. She is an Associate Dean and Professor - School of Management and Business at St. Edward's University in Austin. Craig teaches a few classes at St. Ed's - Catherine is his boss. At the beginning of the semester and before they started dating, Craig did not realize that classes had begun and missed his first two classes (you would have to know Craig to really appreciate that story). Rather than be upset with Craig, Catherine covered his classes. She is just the sort of person who sees the good in life - she is a peacemaker, a listener, someone who makes everyone feel special. She is a mother and grandmother. She is an USAF brat who has been all over the world (including England and Turkey). Her father was a bomber in WWII and was actually shot down over the North Sea. She graduated from high school in San Antonio and attended SWTSU. Catherine had already graduated and was teaching school when Toby and I attended SWTSU. She has lots in common with Craig. She is a long distance runner, loves Bill and Bonnie Hearne, and has all of Tish's music. Her daughter-in-law worked at Texas Red's in San Marcos and is good friends with Darcy (Nancigail's daughter). If Catherine has any serious flaws, I have not seen them. As long as Craig is happy, I would probably over look any flaws anyway. It should be interesting to see what the future holds for them.


Buck Pennington said...

Wow, Lou...you're the spitting image of your Mom! (If my assumptions about who's who in the 2nd photo are correct...)

Catherine does sound wonderful, indeed. Good for Craig...and Catherine, too.

Ricky Terrell said...

Craig still looks like I remember, well sort of. I can't imagine him missing classes, doesn't sound like the Craig I knew. Maybe that means I'm getting old.

Bag Blog said...

Ricky, Craig and his first wife were coming from Austin to Wichita Falls, like they had done for years, one Thanksgiving. They missed their turn in Ft. Worth and drove to Ardmore, OK. We have lots of "Craig" stories.

Buck, there are things about me that may look like my mom, but I really look like my dad. Most people do not even put Mom and I together - could be because she has always been tall and thin where as I am short and round.

I spoke to Catherine about where she lived in Turkey, but I am so bad with names.

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

i'm gonna have to take MamaLou's perspective here...if that's your Mom, someone would've had to tell me so. Although i can tell you and Craig are siblings. And you can see in his eyes that he's happy. So, my nagging question about the post, did he survive being shot down? I'm assuming he did since she continued her world travel (including England [which i thought was funny, since the States are still viewed as "the colonies"]#$%&*@%$ British imperialists, sorry that's the ScotchIrish coming out in me). Anyway, THAT'S the story i wanna hear. Surviving being shot down over an ocean is a big deal! oh yeah, ask her if she's got any Turkish recipes, you know how i am with ethnic food.