Monday, April 30, 2007

The Reunion

The three amigas and the band

The trip to Kerrville for the Friends of the Forty's and Fifties WFHS reunion was both good and bad. For the most part, seeing old friends of Dad's was wonderful. It had been twenty years since my dad had started the Friends of the Forty's reunions in Red River. Toby and I had our little cafe at that time, and it was headquarters for the reunion. It was at those first reunions when I got to know so many of Forty's classmates. Guy and Jeannie Hill were there for those first reunions with their big video camera. They filmed the reunions and made a scrapbook of pictures and letters. This weekend, Guy gave me the scrapbook and the videos to keep and to eventually write the story of the FOF's.

There were times at this reunion that were sad. So many people came up and told me how much they missed my dad. Many had little stories about Dad, but most just loved him and wanted to tell me so. Several times, someone told me that not only did Dad start the FOF reunions, he actually held little reunions back in the 50's. His dad (my grandfather) ran the clubhouse at Weeks Park Golf Course. Dad would hire a band, use the club house, sell tickets, and have a Christmas Dance for his old high school buddies. Yep, my dad loved those people, and I loved seeing them, too.

There were lots of little funny incidents that went on this last weekend. How could things not be funny when you room with two 75 year old ladies - both sassy and classy? Charlene W. went with us and roomed with us. She was just great. She has been good friends with Yvonne S. for years, and I was good friends with Yvonne's daughter, Sandra and her cousin, Anny (I have blogged stories about Anny and her husband, Bear). Mom is now good friends with both ladies and has done some traveling with them. I call them the three amigas.

There was a mixer held on Friday night and a dance held on Saturday night. At the dance, there was a band called Sentimental Journey that dresses in WWII uniforms and plays swing music. The dance was wonderful. My brother and his new girlfriend joined us at the dance. Craig danced with all the old ladies at our table and made quite the impression. Catherine, who is lovely, smart and friendly, made just as big an impression. People actually came by our table to tell Mom how much they enjoyed her family and what a great family we were. We just like to have fun.

Today is a busy day with laundry and getting back into the swing of things. Plus, I will be attending a funeral. One of my good friends' mom died a few days ago. Therein is the sad/bad in all of this. Our parents and their friends are getting old and many are dieing. I will tell some individual stories later when I have more time. All in all, it was a good trip.

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Buck Pennington said...

Our parents and their friends are getting old and many are dieing.

It IS sad, this. I'm just a few years ahead of you in this space, Lou, having lost both my parents. It's not an easy transition, but life does indeed go on. And you have your memories. Hopefully you'll write that FOF story and have plenty of mementoes and photos to illustrate it...