Saturday, June 30, 2007

Gad Abouts

Okay, I have been off gadding about for the last few days. I don't know what "gadding" is exactly, but my grandmother used the term all of the time so it could not be too bad. After posting my painting of the week early on Thursday, Toby and I took off to The City. It has been raining (understatement) for days. Thursday was spent mostly with the Grand Babies. Their mother and I took them to the mall to let GBN1 run off some energy in the small children's play area.

Later that afternoon, I had an appointment with the VA hospital volunteer coordinator. The VA was a big of a disappointment, because I thought I was going to get to see the place and maybe visit with soldiers. Instead, I just met with the coordinator. He was very nice and told me how much Soldiers' Angels was appreciated, and that he would love for me to come visit the vets some time, but he did not offer to take me around on Thursday. Maybe my expectations were too high. Maybe next time...

Toby had a CPE class on the OSU campus in OK City. I picked him up after my VA visit, and we went to celebrate our anniversary. We went to a place called Tim's Wine Bar & Trattoria on N. Western and 58th. It was a really funky old building with some bad, but interesting art. It had a great wine and beer list and some good people watching. We had wine, calamari, pizza, tortellini with Marsala sauce, tiramisu, and coffee. All was delicious, but the tiramisu was heavenly. After a great dinner, we waddled out into the rain and headed back to pick up GBN1 and go home. We had planned on spending the night, but there seemed to be lots of no vacancies. Home seemed easier.

Friday, we had GBN1 all day. We went to Mickey D's for breakfast and some time on the playground. We ran some errands and came back to the house for a nap (grandparents need their naps). The sun actually came out in the late afternoon, so we were able to wade to the barn to play. The parents did not come and get GBN1 until about 8:00 PM. The grandparents were bushed.

It was raining this morning when we got up, so we took off to Wichita Falls to see Mom. Mom was doing well. The sun came out, and it got plum steamy in The Falls. You should see the Red River! It is running like white water (only it's red). Usually on a Saturday there are all sorts of four wheelers buzzing across the sand dunes around the river. This Saturday they needed jet skis - it was full and overflowing. The Wichita Falls Times and Record News had pictures of flooded areas around WF - pretty serious flooding in my old neighborhood of Tanglewood which was down by the Little Wichita River.

We got back to the Lazy B in time for Toby to fire up his motorcycle and "gad about". He came into the room a few minutes ago and crooked his finger for me to follow him. Out in the carport buried up in his tools is one of the barn cats with four new kittens. I thought it was a male cat(wishful thinking) but I had never been to close. I doubt Toby was pleased, but they sure are cute.

I have some more stuff, but I better go tend to my man.


Buck Pennington said...

"We ran some errands and came back to the house for a nap (grandparents need their naps)."

Yes, we DO. I just get all cranky and stuff when I miss mine...

(I'll ask again [the first time was at my place], btw, have you begun work on the ark yet?)

Bag Blog said...

I think an ark might be appropriate. It rained more last night. Yet, the sun was out for a while yesterday afternoon and things were beginning to dry out - like our driveway, but the ground is just saturated. There is still rain in the forecast every day for about the next week. I never knew blue sky could get me quite so excited.

Catherine MacDermott said...

I couldn't agree more...grandparents need naps too! CJ (2 yrs old next month) came to Mimi's for the weekend. Craig is amazing with children - and CJ LOVES him! It is "Keg" he wants - "Keg, watch me!," "Keg, hold you..." "Key, R Woo?" (interpretation, Craig, where are you?" ... "Keg, wuv woo...." I wuv him too CJ!

Bag Blog said...

Craig is a real softie when it comes to kids. I am sure he loved CJ's attention. "Keg" seems appropriate for Craig.