Thursday, June 28, 2007

Painting of the Week

This started off as a pastel on black paper similar to the technique that I used before, but then it was not working well - so I colored the background. I have been reading another art blog and thought I would try her technique. I did not do so well, but this is what I have to show. I think it needs more work - maybe a better background. I used Mi-Teinetes paper, and I really dislike it. Jo Castillo uses it and does very well. You can see that I am struggling with it. I tried painting turpentine to smooth the pastel background. It worked somewhat, but still not like I wanted. Also, the camera shows all sorts of little problems; hmm, just needs more work.
I am headed to The City today to see the grandbabies, visit the VA, and have an anniversary dinner with Toby. This will be my first visit to the VA and I am really excited about it. We will be back Friday and I will tell you all about it.


Jo Castillo said...

Well, that is a nice painting. I have never tried turp on any paper, it gives me a headache. I have heard of other artists using it on Wallis paper. Looks OK in your photo on the MT. I used alcohol on mine. Hmm. Did it leave the paper oily or sticky? Something new. :)


Bag Blog said...

Actually, it worked very much like it does on Wallis paper, but I was not able to add much more pastel. The MT paper just does not have the tooth that the Wallis paper has. Maybe the turpentine was too much for it, although it did soak the pastel into the paper.