Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I am very late in posting today. Last night GBN1 spent the night with us. We had a fairly easygoing evening. GBN1 did get filthy dirty in a matter of a few hours of being with me on the farm. It was not really my fault. After all this is a farm, and it has been raining here for about two weeks solid. It was probably my fault that she got her new Clifford the dog overalls so muddy. I should have changed her into "farm clothes" immediately. Oh well. We had a great time blowing bubbles and trying to catch them. You know that stuff is pretty sticky when you spill it on you. And the sand around the patio is just right for making castles. We bathed GBN1 in the bathroom sink (which is really an old kitchen sink). She loves it. Then we bathed Ranger the Rat terrier in the same sink because he was as muddy as GBN1 who got a big kick out of bathing the dog in her bathwater. We made GBN1 a little bed beside our bed - she loves it. Sometime in the night, we had another big thunderstorm - lightning, thunder and lots of rain. Ranger got in GBN1's little bed. The rest of us slept on - too tired to worry about more rain. This morning the water was flowing around the house, down the hill to an already full pond. GBN1 awoke going full throttle and did not stop talking until I took her back to her mother. The I went to Lawton to run some errands.

Toby's mom called to ask me about the rain. Our conversation went something like this:
MN: Is it raining there?
Me: Not at the moment. It is overcast, but not raining.
MN: But has it been raining there?
Me: Yes.
MN: How much?
Me: Lots.
MN: Don't you have a rain gauge?
Me: Nope. Toby does not like them (put it off as his fault since he is her baby boy).
MN: But have you had lots of rain?
Me: Lots.
MN: Well, how much?
Me: Well, it started raining a couple of weeks ago. We got 8 to 10 inches in one weekend. And it has not really stopped raining since. Oh we have moments of sunshine, but then it clouds up and rains again. It rained last night, it rained this morning, it stopped for a few hours, and now it is raining again. Our yard is standing in water, and we live on top of a hill. The goose doesn't need to go down to the pond; she can swim in the yard. The pond has been full and overflowing for a while now. Sometimes it backs up over the barbecue grill down by the pond. Driving up our driveway is like a mud boggin contest. We're thinking about getting a monster truck and hitting the circuit. Pretty soon we will be able to launch the kayaks from the carport rather than taking them down the hill to the pond.

Okay, I made part of that up. I would never get smart with my mother-in-law, but the thoughts did cross my mind.

A sunny moment over the pond - the two trees touching the water are normally about 20 feet from the pond.


Buck Pennington said...

I would never get smart with my mother-in-law, but the thoughts did cross my mind.

Heh. I would. I did. Sometimes they just ask for it. I found it hard, no...impossible, to let those opportunities just lie there. When it came to my mom-in-law, especially. She just loved to push my buttons, and the feeling was mutual. All good-natured, of course.

Bag Blog said...

I love my M-i-L. We have a great relationship and she has a great sense of humor, but I leave the major teasing to Toby. His dad was a whole different story which I may blog on in a few days.

Laurie said...

Have I mentioned how adorable GBN1 is? And I loved the rainbow pic!

Bag Blog said...

Thanks Laurie. GBN1 is cute and we get a big kick out of her. Everyone should have one.