Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Photo Overload

We celebrated Bo's birthday a week late. When he was little, we often celebrated Jesse's and his birthdays together. Sometimes we celebrated my dad's birthday, Adam's (Craig's son), and Patrick's (Pete's son) birthdays (who also have birthdays the first week of June) all together with one big party - yet we would still have individual parties. This was confusing to Bo. First, he could not figure out why he was the oldest, but Jesse's birthday came a week before his. Then, he thought his birthday lasted all week since we had so many parties during the week. Who wouldn't love a party that lasted all week?
So, on Saturday, my brother came over and brought Mom. P&E (Inpassing) came. It was a good group. I fixed two trays of enchiladas (both red and green), Mexican cole-slaw, black beans, a peach pie and some strawberries with pound cake (Sara Lee). We used the new outdoor furniture that Toby got for Father's Day since the day was overcast and cool. We sang "Happy Birthday" to GBN1's great thrill. The nephews enjoyed riding the four-wheeler in the mud. Jesse took lots of pictures for me to share. Everyone got in their baby hugs in on GBN2. GBN1 kept us all entertained. Bo got some nice gifts. It was a good belated birthday.


Buck Pennington said...

"Photo Overload?" There's NO such thing. Good stuff!


Becky said...

Agreed! It looks like y'all had a great time! I think your rain is here now...