Monday, June 18, 2007


The boys came by on their bikes Sunday afternoon. I picked the first picture because it shows the guys, Jesse in her new biker jacket, my great Dane puppy, and all of the rain we have been getting. The tall biker is Jan (pronounced yon) who is from the Netherlands. Gary is in the yellow jacket - he is a local boy from Lawton. Both work at Halliburton as engineers.
The second picture shows the bikes better - for Buck - so that he will know what they ride.


the friendly neighborhood piper said...

They look like nice boys, lets hope they don't turn out to be organ donors, not necessarily of their own stupidity, but of others. I grew up riding (dirt and street) although i don't really miss it much, mainly because i have three fabulous children and an equally fantastic wife, whom i plan spending many, many years with fully mobile. Its not that riding back then wasn't dangerous too, there were plenty of idiots then, there just weren't as many of them. Keep your head on a swivel boys, so it won't end up on a slab. Happy Trails.

Buck Pennington said... bikes, Lou. Which is why I said what I said (Dept. of Cryptic Comments) over at my place, i.e., passenger accommodations are...uh...lacking. Good to see everyone is suitably dressed!