Monday, June 18, 2007

Wedding Colors

June is the wedding month, and it holds lots of memories for me. This morning seeing Buck's wedding pictures brought back lots of memories. My wedding was a bit unconventional, but not so bad for a 70's wedding. Simple seemed to be "in" as did white suits and tuxes. I had to tease Buck about having the same haircut as his bride. Notice Toby and I have the same haircut, too. I promise that was not something we planned.

In fact, our wedding did not have much planning. I only gave my mom about three weeks notice. Once Toby and I decided to get married, we just wanted to do it with out all of the hoopla - maybe wear jeans and go to the JP. My mother had other ideas - bless her heart. She wanted to make my wedding memorable. She picked out a dress for me in Wichita Falls and brought it to me in Red River. It was perfect. Mom took over the plans - picking out flowers, the cake, etc, making me choose a color (peach) and doing the wedding right. I had called my cousin, Patti, to be my maid of honor. I told her to make a dress - any dress. My mom made me call Patti back and tell her to make the dress peach color. Patti, balked saying she did not like peach - she wanted to make a blue dress. I remember telling her to just do it! Notice in the photo from Thursday, that Patti made a peach color dress. Notice too, that the dress looks like it was purposefully chosen to match my dress - that was a coincidence, and a very nice coincidence. Since very few men wear suits in RR, Toby had his mom bring his corduroy suit when she came for the wedding. My brother, Craig, already had his suit because he was on the debate team at Texas Tech and suits were required - I am glad it was not rumpled. I am glad Craig showed up wearing clothes at all. Three of my ushers had corduroy jackets to wear with their jeans (some things never change). Those ushers were Steve Gorsich, Brad Seymore, and Rudi Woerndle. One of my ushers, Steve Smith, asked his mom to send his corduroy suit to RR for the wedding, but instead she sent his white Sunday suit. He was mortified, but wore it anyway - looking much more like the groom than Toby did. Isn't it funny that his white suit still holds special memories for me. As I mentioned the other day, John the Baptist rented a tux - white - with a top hat and tails. All of these little things made my wedding unique and memorable. Thanks Mom, for insisting that we do it right.

In the photo from left: Gorsich, Smith (white suit), Pete (my little brother),Dad, Mom, Kathy (my little sister), Patti, John the Baptist, Me, Toby, Toby's Dad, Craig (my older brother) Brad Seymore (in the back with the corduroy jacket) Toby's mom, his nephew (the father of Toby's great niece who graduated this year), and his sister, Jan.

P.S. If you did not read my brother's comments on Thursday's blog, go back and read them. He is such a name dropper :)


Buck Pennington said...

You are a FINE looking group!

As for wedding planning...I don't want to talk about it!! Good on your Mom for taking charge and insisting you "do it right." That's what Moms are for!

OTOH, my mom-in-law just about drove TSMP crazy during the planning process. I can't remember, or even if I did, couldn't begin to count all the tearful late night phone calls I received from TSMP in the two months leading up to our wedding...all about "Mom this" and "Mom that." At one point TSMP suggested I just drive down to South Bend and we get married at the Justice of the Peace and forget the whole Big Wedding thing. Everything worked out well in the things usually do. But it was sure stressful!

Bag Blog said...

We only had three weeks to plan our wedding, but those weeks were stressful enough. When working on my son's wedding, I just kept telling him, "No matter what else happens, you will get married today." Although, Bo's wedding was beautiful and fairly stress-free.

Some day, when Jesse gets married, we will probably have a fairly simple wedding, but I hope it is the biggest party of the year.

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

Yeah, i definitely want to be at that one! You need a piper?
Oh yeah, where was T. Dennis in the pic? or was that later? Man o man, those are some SWEET threads, and the tab collars are workin'!

Becky said...

You are a fine looking group. I was overseas when planning my wedding, so I pretty much left it all up to my sister, my aunt and my cousins. I did pick out my color (peach also) and my dress, but pretty much everything else, I saw for the first time on my wedding day. Even the cake was a surprise to me, but my sis did a good job picking it out.

The only thing stressful about my wedding was my ex. He'd gotten it into his head that I was going to back out at the last minute, and nearly drove me to it with his fretting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lou (and gang!),
Just back from 6 wks in Panama where I had great fun reading your blog (but could not respond due to my inability to "responder a pregunta para mi clave.." (something about a password, I think -- I tried making one up in espanol, but no bueno)...

Anyway, loved the RR wedding pics - esp. seeing that sweet man-0-mine in his 70s, gray, pin-stripe suit - that Travolta-look always did it for me :)

Anyway, I send a big ol anniversary hug to you and Toby - Craig's right; y'all do have one of the sweetest marriages -- and the happiest family -- Happy Anniversary!!!!

Hope to see you soon...Love,