Friday, July 06, 2007


Last night I went to “dinner and a movie” with friends. One of my art girls went with me, which made things lots more fun. We met a large group of folks including Jesse and Lindsay at a local Mexican food café before the movie. J and L have been sharing lots of Chuck Norris jokes lately and last night was no exception. They kept the crowd entertained with silly CN lines like these that I found at Dutyinthedesert, “Two-way contact for Chuck Norris is when he hits you with both fists simultaneously” or “Shock and Awe are the names of Chuck Norris’ legs.” I don’t understand what is up with all the Chuck Norris jokes, but it was funny that J & L would be using them as well as Duty in the Desert.

The funniest Chuck Norris line came last week. During Wed. night church service, Jesse leaned over to Lindsay intending to say, “I bet you could kick Chuck Norris’ butt.” Unfortunately, Jesse accidentally switched the N in Norris with the b in butt. I’ll let you try that on your own to understand what she actually said. Lindsay’s eyes got big and she said, “Lordy, I can’t believe you said that in church!” Then they both collapsed into laughter having to hold it in since they were in church only to make their giggles worse.

The Movie
We saw “Transformers” last night. The previews for upcoming movies were so bad, I wondered if we were in the right theater. I kept thinking “Gee some bank actually loaned money to make these movies. What were they thinking?“ I have to say that I liked “Transformers” but it did have some odd things that could have should have been left out. It is a kid’s movie. The dialogue and characters are all done for kids. I saw children in the movie, especially young boys, who were awed by the show. So what was the point of having two girls in the movie who were scantily clothed. Running around in high-heels with your breasts hanging out could not be easy in an action movie. Then there was the scene where one of the parents in the movie launches into a discussion of masturbation. I bet there were lots of irritated parents at the movie that had to go home and explain that one. Then there was the scene where one of the good robots urinates on a person . Great! I bet there were more discussions at home on that one too. There were some other sexual innuendo type things that were not appropriate, but I guess by today’s standards, it was not “that bad”. But why do movie makers do that to a movie that could be really fun? This movie was fun! It was patriotic! Kids will love it. Big kids will love it. Then they go and mess it up with adult material that is just not okay. Do Hollywood folks just not understand what is really funny and what is not?

All in all, it was a fun evening, and I did like the movie. Thanks for being my date, Ashley


Buck Pennington said...

The photo of Jesse, Lindsay, and Ashley looks like one of the posters in my dentist's office. Such perfect smiles! You don't often see that in "real life," e.g., three random women with smiles like that!

Re: Chuck Norris jokes. At least a layman could understand all those posted at "Duty in the Desert." SN1 sent me an e-mail a few months ago with 36 CN "jokes" that was making the rounds with USAF pilots. It was all serious Inside Tee-Ball stuff... Like:

18) Chuck Norris refuses to do any GP delivery except a 90 degree DB, thus completely negating the need for CWDS. This attack should normally be flown as a direct pop.

20) JMEM weaponeering does not apply to anything employed by Chuck Norris. His normal SSPD is 1.4 regardless of target composition.

22) The F-pole of a Chuck Norris employed AMRAAM may vary by up to 6nm based on Chuck's mood. Just something to consider when you "build your numbers."


Bag Blog said...

Gee, Buck, you made me feel like a dumb blonde with those CN jokes. Now dumb blonde jokes I get.

Bag Blog said...

By the way, I got that picture from a recent adventure that Jesse and Lindsay went on together. The third person is actually Reagan, Lindsay's little sister. But your are right about the smiles. If I had put Ashley's photo up, she has a perfect smile too.

Ashley Williams said...

Hey Lou, Thank you for letting me be your date! I had so much fun. We need to do it again.

Buck Pennington said...

Gee, Buck, you made me feel like a dumb blonde with those CN jokes.

You're not alone, Lou. The only acronym I understood out of all that...uh...stuff was "AMRAAM" (Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile). Aside from that? Zero. Nada. Zilch. But pilots evidently got a big kick out of this...

Becky said...


I know what you mean about movies. There was a Russel Crowe movie released several years ago called Mystery, Alaska. I could have been a wonderful family movie, but they ruined it with 387 f-bombs and an affair between the mayor's wife and a school teacher which had nothing at all to do with the story. I guess they just wanted to put a naked woman in there somewhere.

The story itself was great. It was about a little town in the middle of nowhere in Alaska, and the only thing they did was play hockey on their small pond. Somehow their town team got challenged to play against the New York Rangers.

Could have been a great movie...but for hockey movies, I'd recommend Miracle instead.