Thursday, July 19, 2007

No Hard Heart

Toby has been in Houston for the last few days. This afternoon he will fly out for Kazakhstan. We have our chat system set up, and I have still been able to talk to him daily on the phone. Last night at church, we had a pot-luck, which was great for visiting and catching up with one another. Several people asked me if I missed Toby. I think they were surprised when I said no. I'm no hard-heart, but he is not gone yet. It has only been a few days. So far, this business trip is no different from any trip. We have been apart many times. Good grief, I'm made of stronger stuff than that. Later on I will miss him, but not yet. I don't really sleep as peaceful as when he is up against my back, but I am okay - I have Ranger, the rat terrier. Although the rat terrier is sleeping pretty close, he is no replacement. But for right now, I am more excited for Toby that he is going somewhere new and different than sad that he is away from me. This time apart has made me think of our soldiers who are apart from their loved ones for long periods of time. They are the ones whom my heart hurts for. If they can do a year or more apart from family, surely, I can do 4 weeks.
This morning Duty in the Desert posted a link to a video of a "perfect reunion". It made me cry. Then I made Jesse watch it, and I cried again.

Becky posted a picture of her growing puppy, so I thought I would post one too. Here is Zoe playing with a small football. Notice how tall she is compared to the table. By the way, that is an extra table set up for my art students. Also, notice my rat terrier and Toby in the background. You may also notice that my house is not finished - no trim work. A broom closet is planned for behind the fridge, but for now, it is just open. I started to crop all of that, but hey, it is the way I live. Anyway, Zoe is huge and growing.


Buck Pennington said...

Wow. Zoe is gonna be a BIG dog!

Thanks for the link to the "Welcome Home" vid, Lou. It made me very "misty," too, as well as lighting off a few synapses that haven't been fired in quite some time.

Being deployed, or TDY, or "remote" (an unaccompanied assignment, usually for a year) is MUCH harder on the kids than it is on Mom (usually). My boys were five and three when I got back from a year on the Turkish Black Sea coast. They were virtually inseparable from me for the first week when I returned, very "clingy." And I wasn't at war, just gone for a year.

I can only imagine what it's like for kids today...

catherine MacDermott said...

Wow...I'm sitting here at work fighting to keep the tears above the lower lid (can't look like Tammy Faye Baker at work, you know!). What a moving, beautiful video. Thanks for sharing Lou!

Yes, my heart is aching for the families of the soldiers who are so far away for so long. The soldiers and their families are indeed the heroes and sheroes!

Becky said...

Zoe is really getting big! How does she get along with Ranger? Fortunately, Katie is very patient with Rylea.

I'd seen that reunion when it came on TV. Made me misty then, too.

Bag Blog said...

Ranger is the spoiled fat dog, but he is really a good dog. At first he was not too sure about Zoe and could be pretty mean to her, but now they play together. Ranger does get tired and has to put Zoe in her place now and then. They can keep us entertained for hours with their antics.