Saturday, July 28, 2007


After being gone for several days, I am beginning to get things back to normal. Normal is being in bed before 10 pm and getting up around 5:30 am. While in Lubbock I was staying up untill after 11:00 and still waking up at my normal time. Thursday night after returning home, I stayed up till midnight so that I could chat with Toby. I think all of that caught up with me last night. I slept until 7 this morning - yeha! Although Jesse kept the home fires burning, the cleaning fairy did not come and do the big stuff. Jesse had a few problems with the new puppy "Gee, Mom, she just puked all over your bed." I did come home to clean sheets, but I need to do some major cleaning today. I feel more rested and ready.

I have been able to catch up on my blog reading too. Although I was able to read and comment on blogs while at the hospital, I did not have much time, because I felt like I needed to stay with my MIL. It has been great to read and comment lately - gosh I missed you guys! I also caught up on my emails. I can't seem to copy a recent update on my USMC cousin, but he is doing well as are his men. The update is very positive. I will try again later.

Here is Jesse at the races last weekend. We really had a great time. Apparently they wet down the track before the races. Then the race cars come out to "pack the track". They roar around slinging mud and sliding around the curves. Jesse said, "That is nothing. I do that every morning driving out of our driveway!" This went on for a while and Jesse asked, "Have the races started yet?" We both burst out laughing! Of course, we spent a large part of the races checking out the crowd. Jesse said, "See that guy over there? He might be cute, but he only has one tooth in his head!" We both burst out laughing again. Before the real races started, I went down and bought us something cool to drink. I bought margarita wine coolers which they poured into paper cups. When I handed Jesse her drink, she looked at it and said, "Mountain Dew!?" She was pleasantly surprised. The wine and races went well together. We finally got the race thing figured out - all the different heats. Some of the races were exciting and some not, but there was always the crowd watching to keep us entertained. It was a beautiful night with a slight breeze to keep things cool. After the fireworks, Jesse and I went home. It was almost midnight, and we are not used to the late hours. Our bums were sore from sitting in the bleachers and the cricket were out in force dropping down from the stadium lights - yuck!
Jesse has had dinner with me the last two nights. She fixed pasta and veggies for me when I got home on Thursday evening. Last night I grilled steaks while Jesse fried okra. Yep, boys, she can cook, go to the races, jump out of airplanes, play with the nieces, and she is still single. Today she is off to the city to see a production of "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers". I won't see her until late - if at all. Back to normal!


Buck Pennington said...

Sounds like it's good to be home! Y'know, I felt exactly the same way when I got back from CO/UT, even though I came home to an empty house that needed cleaning attention, as well. (How does that happen, anyway? No one home, and I did serious cleaning before I left...coz NO one wants to come home to a messy house... yet still it got dirty, mostly dust. A "dirt fairy?")

And...fried okra. Mmmmm!

Becky said...

Ditto! Fried okra, mmmmmmm!

Laurie said...

"Yep, boys, she can cook, go to the races, jump out of airplanes, play with the nieces, and she is still single."

Cuz it will take a special guy to land her.