Monday, July 30, 2007

Singing and Dancing

Here is Jesse and a few of her good friends in The City going to see "Singing in the Rain". Sorry, yesterday I reported that they were going to see "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers". That explains why none of them came home with a "brother" and none are brides. You may recognize these girls form the "girls with guns" photos back in Feb. blogs. Jes and her friends always have a good time. These girls are all homeschooled grads who never learned to "be cool". By the way, all of the girls pictured are also my art students - very talented young ladies. Can you tell who is the real dancer?


Buck Pennington said...

The dancing photos are pretty funny! As to the other photos...the phrase that popped into my mind immediately was "Why We Win"... which is used by another blogger as a tag line for the superiority of western culture over the alternative with whom (or maybe what?) we're currently locked in battle. Jes and her friends personify that "All American Girl look.

Bag Blog said...

"Why We Win" - I like that.