Sunday, July 22, 2007

Off Again

I am going to be in Lubbock for the next few days with my mother-in-law. Toby's step-dad has had a stroke. He seems to be doing pretty well. Toby's mom has a bad knee which is suppose to be replaced later this summer. She needs help - mostly just emotional support. Anyway, I do not know if I will be able to blog from Lubbock or not. Hopefully I can find someone with a computer to let you know how things are going.

I leave you with some pics of the party girls over the weekend.

At the Lawton dirt track on Saturday night

Tia Jesse Maria with GBN 1 at the birthday party


catherine MacDermott said...

What a dear person you are Lou to drive to Lubbock to help your Mother-in-law....ah, the angel in you keeps shining through!

Buck Pennington said...

I hope your father-in-law gets completely well soon. And like Catherine says: Good on ya, Lou. You are quite the angel!

Great pics, as usual. I haven't been to the races in so long I can't remember the last time. So: too long.

(I also hope you find a computer in Lubbock, as well!)

Bag Blog said...

I am using the hospital computers, but I am not able to post on my blog, but I am able to leave comments - odd. I cannot get to my hotmail account. What the heck do they have these computers here for?

My step-father-in-law is doing okay. He has no stroke symptoms other than a spot of blood on his brain to show that there was bleeding. The stroke seems to have been instigated by the blood-thinner he is on. He can walk and talk and eat and complain just fine. The doctors seem to need to watch him and make sure his blood numbers are right. They also think he may have pneumonia (sp?). I will be here for a while longer. Things today were quite crazy trying to figure who his doctor is and what is going on. Someone needs to be the anchor and it may be me.

catherine MacDermott said...

Always a good sign when someone can still complain! Hope all goes well, Lou!

Buck Pennington said...

Catherine sez: Always a good sign when someone can still complain!

Ain't that the truth! Good news, Lou. Except for the blogging/e-mail bits, of course.

Take care.

Bag Blog said...

I still cannot post and do not have access to a laptop. Lee is doing much better today. Things are much more peaceable. Thanks for all your concern and kind thoughts.

catherine MacDermott said...

Glad to hear your father-in-law is better! You've been such a love for being there for both your Mother-in-law and Father-in-law! I know Toby appreciates it too. Your halo is shining brightly .... As I say that I can almost see Toby's smile and hear him say something like, "yeah, shining, but lopsided."

Have missed your blogs! Come home soon!

Bag Blog said...

Lee gets to go home tomorrow. I get to go home on Friday. I really wish I could blog - I think it would be like therapy. I am really missing Toby. I want to cry, but now is not the time.

catherine MacDermott said...

Dear Lou,

Let those tears flow, dear one. I often think tears are a way for us to express what the heart truly feels --those things that we struggle to find the "just right" words for.

Home will feel so good on Friday!