Saturday, July 21, 2007

Party Girls

Something got my goose! Literally, something got my goose yesterday morning. Zoe, the GD, wanted out about 5:00AM. Then the Rita, the border collie in charge of ranch security, started barking. The Ranger, the rat terrier, wanted out to help with the barking. Zoe wanted in - smart dog. I made Ranger come in also, because he is basically coyote bait. The barking continued for a while (those neighbors are probably wishing they had moved their double-wide a little farther away). It made for an interesting wake-up. Later in the morning, I noticed some goose feathers, but no goose. It made me a little sad. Jesse did the victory dance which makes me a bit suspicious. I am glad we did not have to eat the goose as Jesse suggested, and it was time for the goose to go. When GBN1 asks me about the goose, I can honestly say she died of "natural" causes.

Jes and I played some volleyball last night. Quite a few people in our church have sand courts. I think we need to keep up with the Jones' and get us one too - right after we finish the house and the patio...These friends live way out in the country - about 45 minutes from our house due to the winding road, about 5 cattle guards, and avoidance of cattle and critters. They have a big wonderful home which they built themselves and a volleyball court to die for. Yes, I am envious. Fortunately, they open their home to have fun and fellowship. That is my dream - to have a big roomy house with a great patio and yard with a volleyball court and lots of friends (more grandbabies would be nice too). All in time...

Duncan has a city-wide garage sale this weekend. I am not a big garage saler. I have enough junk without buying someone else's. I stopped at one sale yesterday while I was in town, and thought, "This is crazy!" The humidity was about 100% yesterday with the dew point around 70% and not a breeze around. The temps have not been too bad this summer, but still, prowling around junk in the heat was not my idea of fun. Today, we are attending a birthday party at TFNP's. Then Jesse and I are going to the car races in Lawton. They are suppose to have fireworks tonight. Yep, just one party after another while Toby is away :)


Buck Pennington said...

Wow! A Saturday post! What a treat!

Sorry about the goose, happy about the partying, I am. But...gone-goose means no more looking down as you walk across the yard, right?


Bag Blog said...

That is the good goose news.

Laurie said...

I hate garage sale-ing. Yet another reason why my mother swears she found me under a cabbage leaf somewhere since I can't possibly be her daughter.